The development good luck that competition of broken market economy grows in intensity and challenge

Economic construction of China begins to develop to come with swift and violent impetus gradually since 80 time, it is which industry no matter, include railroad construction, highway construction, mine, the industry such as irrigation works is growing quickly, and the development of these industries drove catenary of an economy industry, repair the metropolis such as freeway, long railroad, building to use cement for example, arenaceous stone is waited a moment, this greeted the fastigium that mine industry grows quickly. No matter be mine broken undertake mineral separation, still be clastic rock makes arenaceous production build aggregate, crusher equipment is producing crucial effect, because this makes,the development of breaking equipment industry enters fastigium gradually. Broken mechanical energy is effective broken all sorts of stock, and the contented and real need with can very good product, quite main effect had in whole development process.
Crusher is the important equipment in mine machinery industry, inevitable also of course should experience big revolution, a few enterprises take a fancy to an opportunity, emerge as the times require, became the newly emerging force of mine crusher industry.
The broken stone machine nowadays has gnathic type crusher, new-style make arenaceous machine, conic crusher, strike back a variety of different types such as crusher of type of crusher, hammer, overall will tell is to side with efficient the exercise mode of low cost develops, the function of stone crusher gets effective promotion, a few large facility are ceaseless by research and development, convenient mobile crusher equipment of the gender is timely also appear, all these is indicating workmanship is in ceaseless promotion.
Domestic economy appears nowadays brief be issued to lower levels, a lot of industries begin to be critical, each other competition is more brutal also, if why acquire a new life in competition, the promotes oneself treatment technology that judges with respect to otherwise then and production level. In competitive day the circumstance of beneficial aggravate falls want to make the industry survives come down, must raise a level from each respect, believe mine crusher will surely get ceaseless promotion below such situation, then, crusher intelligence is changed, poor dissimilation develops mode highlight.
Intelligence is changed. Intelligence is changed not only saved labor power, improved work efficiency, and the risk that reduced to work artificially. Mine mine strength is greater and greater, artificial machinery already cannot satisfy the requirement of the market, intelligence changes the pursuit that just is crusher manufacturer. There is the phenomenon of survival of the fittest in crusher industry, the equipment that cannot satisfy the market and client requirement will be washed out, the manufacturer that produces such equipment also is destined to be able to go bankrupt. Have the trend of follow closely times only, below the period that intelligence spends nowadays, the crusher manufacturer ability that research and development produces intelligence to turn equipment is obtained below competitive environment first machine, obtain existent space. Equipment intelligence changes mine crusher to already became a kind inevitable.
Differ dissimilation. To crusher industry, market economy competition grows in intensity, it is a good luck also be a challenge at the same time, in competition so big environment falls, product diversity changes a staple that makes market structure, the degree of company control market depends on the successful rate that they make their product diversity is changed, accordingly, catch good product diversity to change this key dot to appear very important.

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