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Po-yu new M42 CNC milling CNC lathes with customers eligible Like

Po-yu new M42 CNC milling CNC lathes with customers eligible Like

JC35 REVIEW: Recently, Po-NC-developed set of turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping, and other functions M2 milling CNC lathe access to the user's praise, which reduces the customers of small and medium lathe CNC machine tool production costs, greatly improving production efficiency. 

  M42 CNC lathe milling complex is a 6 (42) Multi-position axis computer numerically controlled lathe milling complex, integrated turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping and other functions in a single device, capable of face and side milling, drilling, tapping and other complex process, especially for some of the complex shape, high precision rotor parts processing, a fixture in all or most complete machining processes, both to ensure accuracy, and improve efficiency and reduce costs. The machine is designed with a powerful spindle brake assist institutions to improve the rigidity of the parts machining. Direct tool change sys…

Fifty thousand yuan range recut invincible Omori CK6140B CNC lathes

Fifty thousand yuan range recut invincible Omori CK6140B CNC lathes

Lao Jin Press: New to a company salesman, began his writing machine Shoubashoujiao evaluation article. The company has just store large-Sen CK6140B heavy CNC lathes, as an example of law-abiding, write a review, the main reference for beginners, experts do not enter.
Write evaluation tools, the key is to refine selling point. Omori CK6140B heavy-duty CNC lathe selling point where? Word, five million range mechanical arrangement is desirable, good rigidity, more concise argument is the current fifty thousand yuan range recut invincible.
Omori from China machine tool industry chain supporting the most perfect area --- Taizhou, Zhejiang, here dotted with hundreds of thousands of machine tool manufacturers and machine parts and tool manufacturers. Omori own foundry to manufacture sheet metal, machined parts on their own, coupled with affordable local parts procurement advantages: jaw chuck Taizhou Park card, four-position el…

Shandong CNC lathes key features of technological development report grand opening

Shandong CNC lathes key features of technological development report grand opening

JC35 REVIEW: China's machine tool enterprises to the rapid development of CNC machine tool industry as an opportunity to research and development of CNCmachine tools, standards, focusing on scale, extending longitudinally intensify efforts to adopt international standards, the formation and development of CNC machine tools industry standardization system for China's machine tool tool industry to enhance, catch up with the world level, provide a solid basis for the standardization of technology. 

  Recently, sponsored by Shandong Machine Tool General Machinery Industry Association, Yantai Universal Machine Tool Accessory Group Company Limited, "Shandong horizontal machining centers and CNC lathes key features of technological development report" was held in Yantai Universal Group. Nearly 50 business executives, sales executives and technical experts from Shandong province, more than 30 co…

Yi Jie new CNC column, headed parallel spindle CNC lathes

Yi Jie new CNC column, headed parallel spindle CNC lathes

JC35 REVIEW: Taizhou Yi Jie NC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is located in Zhejiang East China Sea - Yuhuan County, Lu Town Industrial Park D, pharmaceutical packaging,machine tools and precision instruments is a national small CNC machine tool production base. Recently, Yi Jie NC machine tool introduced two new products, YJ-CK32ST column headed spindle CNC lathe spindle parallel with YJ-CK30BL headed CNC lathes. With sophisticated technology and superb technology, new industry has won widespread praise. 

  YJ-CK32ST column headed spindle CNC lathe

  The model is targeted at the small-cap category or class of small minor parts car processing developed by CNC lathes.   The basic form of the machine is about to column two spindles, and with their cross-slide saddle, complete disc-type or both ends of the shaft parts processing. Its most prominent feature is a workpiece machine the workpiece can replace two machines, one operator can comple…