Korean factory supply crunch, Ronda CMO dipping plant materials and other components

Korean factory supply crunch, Ronda CMO dipping plant materials and other components

Panel makers AU Optronics, Chi Mei TV size panels at full capacity, with Samsung and LG Display (LGD) panel supply continues to shrink, resulting in July have the opportunity to continue to rise portion size, panel double tiger second quarter loss narrowed sharply, 3rd Maori positive production season, Ronda, Chi Mei plant material and other components can be synchronized clogging.   CMO hold the shareholders' meeting and election of directors and supervisors, CCB chairman segment is expected to release positive messages, the CMO said that the current order has exceeded capacity. General manager of AUO Peng double wave also pointed out that orders exceeded production capacity, stable supply and demand, some size panel prices will continue to rise in the third quarter.   Supply chain pointed out that the panel double tiger in 6 generations above large-size panels at full capacity, the Samsung panel factory brief power outage, and AUO Longtan 6 generation plant (L6B) affected by the earthquake, have caused some capacity loss, so that the current supply of some tight .   Meanwhile, Samsung and LGD to cope with demand for the iPad to take 8th generation plant capacity to produce new iPad panels, AUO and CMO to production of higher margin new size TV panels, resulting in the large-size panel supply tight, but also guide July was up panel prices have the opportunity.   WitsView research director Zhang Xiaobiao said yesterday that currently monitor panel, as well as 32 and 40/42 of such size panel supply sorely lacking, June panel prices have edged up in July have the opportunity to rise, to improve the financial panel double tiger structure of positive reinforcement. Corporate estimates, second quarter panel prices, AUO and CMO of the capacity to the high price of panel production, panel double tiger second quarter loss will be significantly reduced, gross profit is expected in the third quarter had the opportunity to positive, Peng double wave with the segment CCB, are those firms to turn a profit target for the year. In the plant components, due to large-size panel double tiger full capacity, resulting in Lunda LED backlight production capacity are in short supply, so Ronda homeopathic cut Philips LED lighting low-margin OEM orders, second quarter gross margin than expected it is good.

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