Mid NC machine tool accessories fierce market competition

Mid NC machine tool accessories fierce market competition 
Published: January 14, 2015
  Currently, the entire machine tool accessories industry is growing, the surge in demand for machine tool accessories, domestic market capacity greatly. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of China's automobile industry and railway engineering, machine tool industry to make more vigorous market, also contributed to the development of supporting industries attachment machine and the machine tool industry.   2014 in the environment of the rapid development of our national economy, machine tool accessories industry has been driven by strong machinery industry market in recent years continued to maintain strong market demand, the rapid growth of production situation. Industry economic efficiency of enterprises improved markedly. At present, the domestic market affordable CNC machine tool accessories, the basic occupied by the domestic products, some products such as CNC dividing head, arbor there is a certain export volume. However, in recent years the influx of Taiwan products, competitive midrange NC machine tool accessories more and more intense. 2015 should the current situation will continue for the momentum.   Taiwan and overseas suppliers to enter the mainland China market, prices gradually lower, its market share has gradually expanded. At present domestic product in pre-sale technical service and business communication has obvious advantages over foreign manufacturers that made CNC machine tool accessories can continue to develop. But with the use of foreign continent localized production, we will lose these advantages. In recent years, the pace of development of machine tool industry in some developing countries accelerate gradually to the mainland market for imported machine tool accessories, and a certain price competitive advantage. For example: Indian companies, is the rapid development of various types of machine tool accessories, plastic towline, steel towline, machine guards, machine work lights, horn machine in terms of price also has certain advantages compared with other importers.   On the species in terms of machine tool accessories, machine tool accessories most varieties of domestic enterprises have also basically specialized production, to meet the needs of the host. Some of the new technology is only temporary attachment domestic research institutions or individual manufacturers in the research stage, there is no production capacity, the host supporting basic dependence on imports. In addition, efficient power chuck CNC machine tools, high-speed characteristics Arbor clamping accuracy and a larger gap than abroad.   Level of domestic production of CNC machine tool accessories years is slightly improved compared to before starting. Plastic towline, steel towline, machine guards, machine work lights, horn machine and other products, specifications and varieties continue to improve, continue to improve the structure, the main performance and reliability are greatly improved. At present, domestic CNC machine tool accessories should be said to meet the needs of mid-range of CNC machine tools supporting, but for certain high-end level of CNC machine tools supporting tool accessories still a gap compared with foreign countries, the gap between the main reason is that most of the small scale enterprises annex, the overall equipment manufacturing capacity, the cooperation ability, their own lack of technological innovation capability. This is also the product of the level of foreign products relatively low levels of the main reasons. The needs of domestic enterprises to increase investment in technological reform, improve manufacturing capacity and expand production scale, and actively respond to the level of technological innovation and enhance their service capabilities.

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