2012 Creative Hebei machine tool exports annex in the first half rose 1.5%

2012 Creative Hebei machine tool exports annex in the first half rose 1.5%
Published: May 28, 2012
  January to May 2012 in Hebei machine tool accessories exports reached 6.8924 billion US dollars, an increase of 1.5% over the 2011 year.   Machine Tool Accessories Main export markets:   Taiwan and Hong Kong first, amounting to 2.6271 billion US dollars, accounting for 38.1% of total exports, fell by 12.1%.   US Second, the amount of $ 84.72 million, accounting for 12.3% of total exports, an increase of 0.6%.   Japan's third, the amount of $ 71.25 million, accounting for 10.3% of total exports, an increase of 6.7%.   After sequential growth of 28.8% in Germany, South Korea grew 57.0 percent, Malaysia 5.7 percent, Thailand 23.5 percent, the UK fell 2.6%, the Netherlands 11.5% decline, 32.5% growth in India and so on. The top ten export markets, together accounted for 80.1% of Taiwan's machine tool accessories exports.   In recent years, due to the large number of machine tool accessories Creative Hebei exports, driven by exports of machine tool accessories, advanced countries such as the US, Japan, Germany, to reduce costs, the use of a large number of Taiwan machine tool accessories, and newly industrialized and developing countries to enhance competition in the machine force also uses a lot of natural components. Creative Hebei machine tool accessories, has become the world except Japan, Germany, the most important machine tool accessories supply base.

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