Man-made of market of our country lumber board clinch a deal volume performance is relatively steady

As we have learned, medium recently fine board, particieboard, plywood and joinery board 4 big board piece this Zhou Jun appears drop adjust. In the half moon on May, man-made of market of our country lumber board clinch a deal volume performance is relatively steady, among them plywood, facing board and in volume of fine board shipment is relatively steady.
Because enter off-season, of plywood of market of our country lumber clinch a deal the quantity has a bit contractible; Weather of rainwater of together with of the middle ten days of a month is affected, it is more difficult to clinch a deal. The half moon on May is homebred board clinch a deal quantity relatively in front the corresponding period of wh what month is inferior to somewhat, and entrance / joint-stock in advanced plywood clinchs a deal to also did not see rise apparently. Prospective market level or continuance nowadays state.
Demand of facing board market is steady, nevertheless, as a result of the rainwater weather of the middle ten days of a month, shipment volume has a bit drop. Price respect, from market of plywood of the lumber that start line of business business door place understands, because go before the stability of the market, the price is had no change greatly
Door operation cost is increased, shipment is more careful. The tradition that May is the market is off-season, demand is reduced somewhat, but come round of ask goods purchase business to remain the same relatively considerable. Nevertheless, as a result of question of turnover of business door capital, support cautious attitude to be not the business of cash settle accounts, at present shipment is given priority to with the old client that cooperates for a long time as before. This kind of circumstance is right those who have actual strength is big business door is advantageous. The middle ten days of a month, fine board sales volume magnifies somewhat in, volume of business door shipment increases somewhat. Price respect, because enter off-season, business door is right in fine board price made those who depreciate adjust.

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