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Shenyang xiamen fifth industry docking activities

Shenyang xiamen fifth industry docking activities for the new mode of economic development, new experience in xiamen, shenyang by letter committee, the office of shenyang in fujian group of 13 companies in shenyang, a line of delegation of 22 people, go to xiamen on June 27, swap the three-day industry docking activities.This is since shenyang and conduct of the study in xiamen, the overall industry in the two cities after the letter system docking, electric power industries docking, equipment manufacturing industries docking, xiamen after 11 family enterprise to shenyang industrial docking of the fifth industrial docking activities.Two city departments and relevant enterprises in the meeting made elaborate preparation, communication about it many times and the direction of cooperation. 28 morning, the delegation of 13 enterprises in shenyang and xiamen city by the bureau of letters and xiamen has more than 20 enterprises and industry representative association jointly held & oth…

High-grade CNC machine tool to realize localization of breakthrough

High-grade CNC machine tool to realize localization of breakthrough Whether it will become a steel plate shape complicated gear, or high performance fiber materials will be streamlined vehicle shell, or just to fine a billet cutting, cannot leave the machine tool.This used to make machine machine called industrial & other;Machine tool & throughout;And with the development of the industrialization process, the control methods of digital control is realized.Digital machine tools, as it were, is the foundation of industrial modernization, its technical level represents the comprehensive competitiveness of a country.
& have spent high-end CNC machine tools to realize localization to break & have spent in order to strengthen our country's industrial base, to narrow the gap in our country on the field of nc machine tools with the international, 2009, officially launched in China & other;High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment & throughout…

"Substitution" machine power intelligent moved nearly made in China

"Substitution" machine power intelligent moved nearly made in China In the digital, intelligent, networked global climate, "manufacturing must to intelligent manufacturing" has become the consensus of the countries all over the world.Germany in advancing the "4.0" industrial projects, the United States in the promotion of "Internet industry" concept, our country also timely launch of the "made in China 2025" development planning, such as efforts to pull the traditional manufacturing in the direction of intelligent manufacturing upgrade, comprehensively improve the quality of the manufacturing production.In the process of the development of the past few decades, although our country has become a "manufacturing power", the largest in the world manufacturing industry, but the overall level of manufacturing sector compared with advanced countries there is still a large gap."Made in China 2025" programme of action is the …

"Guizhou equipment industry exposition 2017" closing

"Guizhou equipment industry exposition 2017" closing On July 1, a four-day & other;Guizhou equipment industry exposition and 2017 national manufacturing and Internet integration & middot;Industrial cloud experience exchange meeting & throughout;The closing.Manned space, the moon and surface to air missile, aircraft engine, the Antarctic expedition, large aircraft, fighter aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) on behalf of the frontier of modern science and technology such as high technology, high level of knowledge product appearance in the fair.4 days more than 26000 people visited, also let the exposition on the number of viewers to buy a new step.& other;Guizhou smart & throughout;Off the called & other;Guizhou throughout history's largest machinery industry expo &;, exhibition hall area of 20000 square meters, with 260 exhibitors, surface-to-air missile, robots, the eagle planes, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), 3 d printing & hellip;&a…

Display equipment industry in guizhou Boost morale guizhou industrial front

Display equipment industry in guizhou Boost morale guizhou industrial front & other;Through a fair can sign the volume of trade is 57 billion yuan RMB, which is rare in the history of guizhou.Throughout the &;On June 28, 2017 in guizhou equipment industry exposition and the national manufacturing industry and the Internet fusion & middot;Industrial experience exchange meeting of cloud, director of guizhou province economic and information commission Wu Jiang said when accepting a reporter to interview, 12 in the opening ceremony alone door enterprise purchase and sale contract signed between each other, trade amounted to more than 50 yuan, preliminary statistics, the whole 2017 guizhou equipment industry fair trade will amount to 57 billion yuan.To show through this exposition to the national people's guizhou equipment level of the industrial development, to boost the morale of the whole guizhou industry front, courage, and the development of confidence & ndash;&…

Hunan, robot: based on the development of technical guidance

Hunan, robot: based on the development of technical guidance 2017 ciros & amp;During SIAS exhibition, hunan, can the robot technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other;Throughout, but the company &;)Vice President Mr Liang Qi in an interview with reporters, to share, but the robot's recent developments, trends, and his understanding of the intelligent manufacturing and expectation., but the robot technology co., LTD., vice President of hunan Liang Qi this exhibition, but companies with intelligent collaborative robot Sawyer, not only with the examples of following assembly shows its assembly in light industry field, can be independent intelligent collaborative robot can realize various angles to correct deviation operation scene;And simulation shows the different incoming components to choose its own operation, perfect solution industry automation in the process of upgrading the incoming number, location, industry problems.Both demonstrate the benefit from t…

2017 CNC machine tool industry development in China?

2017 CNC machine tool industry development in China? The CNC machine tool industry high-speed development of our country in recent years, in the numerical control machine tool technology level of steady increase at the same time, also unceasingly to attract foreign companies to join to enrich the domestic market.According to forecast of related institutions, 2020 nc machine tools in our country assets will amount to 270 billion yuan.Then, in 2017 CNC machine tool industry development in our country? China CNC machine tool industry development present situation, 1, industry high-speed development, in fact, one of the three pillar industries as manufacturing, nc machine tools in China no matter from the product range, technical level, obtains the high speed development, the quality and yield in some key technology has also made significant breakthrough.Figures show that in 2010 China's CNC machine tool production of 236000 units, up 62.2% from a year earlier, China's market for …