The numerical control machine tool industry rapid development in our country Market outlook

The CNC machine tool industry high-speed development of our country in recent years, in the numerical control machine tool technology level of steady increase at the same time, also unceasingly to attract foreign companies to join to enrich the domestic market.According to forecast of related institutions, combined with the total assets of nc machine tool industry in China in recent years and China's economic growth data, according to the linear regression prediction method, a preliminary estimate to 2020 asset size of nc machine tool industry in China will reach 270 billion yuan.

as a matter of fact, one of the three pillar industries as manufacturing, nc machine tools in China no matter from the product range, technical level, obtains the high speed development, the quality and yield in some key technology has also made significant breakthrough.Figures show that in 2010 China's CNC machine tool production of 236000 units, up 62.2% from a year earlier, China's market for nc machine tools has 1500 kinds, almost covering the whole of the metal cutting machine tool varieties category and the main forging machinery.In 2014, China's CNC machine tool production reached 391000 units.According to statistics, 2016 1 ~ 11 month 10245 sets of CNC machine tool import quantity accumulated in our country, the number dropped by 15.9%.November month imports 1004 units.CNC machine tool production rose by

and imported machine behind the decline in output, is the steady increase of the technical level of the nc machine tools.Machine tool manufacturing industry is the industry and the engine of national economy and the heart, especially the major technical equipment, is the embodiment of a nation's comprehensive national strength, in the national economy plays an important role in the construction of modernization.

along with the advance of the comprehensive strength of nc machine tool industry in China, more and more large overseas companies opt for the Chinese market.For example, the world's leading supplier of metal processing solution ella, mark group announced that mark (chongqing) machinery co., LTD. Was set up in chongqing the establishment of the factory makes Mr Mark in China's largest European machine manufacturers, a total of 550 employees in China and the world production of high-end manufacturing system.

nc machine tools is essential equipment for industrial manufacturing now, also is one of necessary equipment, machinery manufacturing at the same time, the purpose of the nc machine tool is the ability to greatly increase the range of use, and to a certain extent, promote the industrial production, improve the efficiency of work.Since the technology development of nc machine tools in China to the mature stage, began to every field for nc machine tools.

in recent years, national defence, aviation, high-speed rail, automobile and mould and other important equipment manufacturing industry of surging demand, thereby giving impetus to the growth of the machine tool industry, in the past five years China's CNC machine tool production of average annual compound growth rate of 37.39%, the average annual compound growth of 29.94% in the past 10 years, compound growth of 22.10% over the past 15 years.The development of the equipment manufacturing industry in the country and the international industry transfer, China's growth rate of investment in equipment purchase in the coming 5 ~ 10 years will continue to maintain the level of about 20%, the demand of the machine tool industry will maintain rapid growth.Under the pull of demand, China's CNC machine tool production will maintain rapid growth, with the deepening of economic restructuring, CNC machine tools and CNC system industry will be rapid development.

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