STAMA with products at EMO 2017

New high heat-resistant alloy (compound) materials, and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in the industry of 4.0 concepts we puts forward a new, more demanding challenge.In the future, we how to be more efficient, more economical, more dynamic and higher precision of a new generation of various & other;More hard & throughout;, & otherDigital & throughout;Artifacts for processing?By what kind of strategies can maximize production and the special quality of the workpiece?Therefore, cutting tool, machine tool and workpiece perfect cooperation plays a vital role, starr company think so.With compelling cutting solutions, from turnkey of Bach and double spindle solutions experts on exhibition of EMO perfectly show their elegant demeanour.High flexibility and high efficiency is no longer a paradox of batch production pay attention to the production efficiency, a single production batch flexible.STAMA MT - 2 c car milling compound machining center can be on the same machine tools to achieve these two requirements, this is also the aircraft extremely unique selling point.MT724 2 c type scheme can also be in a more economic solution for processing a single series of artifacts and artifact.For both class bar and machining of workpiece or chuck, the five axis 6 surface composite processing and integrated automation system, for all kinds of the order of milling and turning machining of complex workpiece degrees of freedom to provide choice, only STAMA can do it.Sales engineer marcel & middot;Mr Art show in Hanover added: & other;Cutting tool manufacturers through the shortest time of changing the outfit, obtained the advantages of flexible;Auto parts suppliers realized in a main processing time at the same time two workpieces, thanks to the high productivity of double spindle effect.We will through comprehensive automation solution precision and control to logistics.In terms of workpiece characteristics of personalized design, we seek and find the best combining site.& other;Our statistics show that MT2C machine tool production rhythm shorten was 70%, and the unit cost reduction of more than 50%.With Komet\/Gao Mai precision tooling group and sandvik - cola company full cooperation, introduced a double spindle, efficient - and milling machining center MT 838 TWIN, a perfect interpretation of why the HSK A100 - level model of the double spindle has a unique advantage in the world.Turnkey is growing team in the industry there are all kinds of innovative products and creative ideas & ndash;& ndash;Is to make an artifact, again through the cutting - cutting, reached its limit of shapes and features.Many leading trend of product and process innovation are those routes through the cutting tools technology and the best combination of machine tool.STAMA and Komet Gao Mai group combination of precise cutting tools, in the car milling compound machining center on MT 838 TWIN pairs of spindle machining center perfectly shows the turbocharger shell process improved the production efficiency.& other;Together, we observe the current machining process, and found in V belt and trapezoidal processing when the greatest potential for cost optimization.Exactly how do we make the whole process to speed up by 25%, we unveiled the secret in EMO show this time.38 efficiency levels of strong design and machine of high dynamic, under the condition of the optimal processing technology, integrated tool innovation, and productivity.STAMA sales engineers and turbocharger processing experts Jeffrey DE & middot;Winkler said.Series 838 double spindle car milling compound machining center showed highly demanding machining ability.It doesn't matter how much quantity of bulk workpiece & ndash;MT machine series can be efficient, at the same time can also be flexible to car - milling complex processing.Sandvik coromant and starr companies joining hands again, common shows for the innovation of the high power and heavy cutting and milling processing solutions.& other;Our two high-performance tool used for heavy-duty milling, for 38 series machine overall dynamic and robustness is a challenge.Cutting tools and machine tool, provide users with the results of the absolute was impressive.The window of the onsite machining will be sandvik coromant company new appearance of Prime Turning™Turning & ndash;& ndash;Double the production efficiency of turning solutions plus double spindle machining center is better!Throughout the &;Sandvik coromant company responsible for the machine tool cutting tool solutions, vice President of heiko & middot;HuoErNong said.Intelligent automation system with double spindle 531 VarioCell system without machine tool numerical control system, fast and the new task configuration unit VarioCell - system configuration - modular robot has become the company's latest turnkey - solution in automation field reflects the comprehensive strength, more efficient, more economical, more flexible...To keep the highest quality & ndash;& ndash;Nowadays more and more high to the requirement of cutting.If you can adopt the structure of modular and flexible, automation is the production efficiency of the existing solutions play to maximize the effective way.Therefore, starr company shows the assembly MC531 VarioCell system of double spindle machining center.Here, 4.0 Data IoT and opens the Data collection, analysis, and automated manufacturing process visualization of the new era.In targeted process and visual process, and in the process of the comprehensive assessment of relevant parameters, starr company foresaw has the huge potential of solution, to improve the effect of machine tool potential, more flexible, more parts processing a variety of products at low cost.Through the combination of and Smartline intelligent production line, process data can be real-time display on all mobile devices.With the tools of cool virtual, starr companies will also be visually create a memorable impression in the field of digital manufacturing.(the original title: STAMA with products at EMO 2017) (source: industrial media)

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