Jia tai CNC debut fair science and technology innovation achievements China channel thumb up

The 15th China & bull;The channel project results fair (hereinafter referred to as & other;6 & bull;18 & throughout;)18 in fuzhou of fujian.On the morning of June 19, fujian provincial party committee secretary Mrs Right, vice secretary of provincial party committee, provincial governor yu weiguo, provincial party committee standing committee and executive vice governor zhi-nan zhang, provincial party committee standing committee and the secretary-general jian-yong liang, provincial party committee standing committee and vice governor zhou lian qing provinces leadership inspection jia tai CNC pavilion, detailed understanding of jia tai CNC & other;Intelligent automation production line & throughout;And & otherDigital factory & throughout;The science and technology innovation.Mrs Right, secretary of provincial party committee, vice secretary of provincial party committee, provincial governor yu weiguo leadership inspection jia tai CNC & other;6 & middot;18 & throughout;Pavilions standing committee of the provincial party committee, deputy governor zhou lian qing visited jia tai CNC & middot;Quanzhou pavilion booth jia tai CNC of the intelligent automation production line is to simulate the real phone cover plate processing factory of intelligent manufacturing process, which includes the new processing equipment, industrial robot joints, machine vision, industrial facilities, optical detection, data acquisition system, industrial informatization software, cloud, cloud computing and big data using the new technology of 3 c products intelligent automation production line.In addition, the connect line digital factory is a major highlight of jia tai CNC, introduce & other;Internet + & throughout;And & otherCloud & throughout;Technology, the workshop production status real-time upload & other;Throughout the cloud &;, realized the real-time data acquisition, real-time kanban and OEE calculation, centralized management processes, tool life management, quality control, equipment maintenance and maintenance tracking, production plan management, and other functions.Is now in the three companies of four workshop more than 2000 sets of machining equipment, real time control of the workshop to help suppliers, distributors and end users running status, can effectively improve production capacity, product delivery rate and overall efficiency.(the original title: focus & other;6 & middot;18 & throughout;: Mrs Right yu weiguo inspect jia tai CNC pavilion) (source: jia tai CNC)

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