"Substitution" machine power intelligent moved nearly made in China

In the digital, intelligent, networked global climate, "manufacturing must to intelligent manufacturing" has become the consensus of the countries all over the world.Germany in advancing the "4.0" industrial projects, the United States in the promotion of "Internet industry" concept, our country also timely launch of the "made in China 2025" development planning, such as efforts to pull the traditional manufacturing in the direction of intelligent manufacturing upgrade, comprehensively improve the quality of the manufacturing production.In the process of the development of the past few decades, although our country has become a "manufacturing power", the largest in the world manufacturing industry, but the overall level of manufacturing sector compared with advanced countries there is still a large gap."Made in China 2025" programme of action is the shift from "manufacturing power" to "manufacturing power" programme of action, and construction of intelligent factory is one of the important tasks.From 2015 to 2015, the ministry has supported the 500 intelligent manufacturing integrated standardization and the model of new projects, and 110 projects designated as "intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project", including the haier group with independent intellectual property rights of COSMO intelligent factory operating system.Intelligent construction and promotion of the factory, is the necessity of social and economic development, is the necessity of developing science and technology, necessity being also that enterprises obtain the sustainable competitive advantage.We believe that the future of smart factory will bring more surprise to the world.If it is not practical to watch, the reporter can hardly imagine, in the factory covers an area of 8.7 square meters, the actual fewer than 400 employees.Is this reporter recently visited is located on the west coast of Qingdao city in shandong province new sino-german industrial park of haier central air-conditioning interconnected factory can see the scene, the plant is haier eighth house interconnected factory so far.Why the factory & otherEmpty & throughout;?  偌大的空间、宽敞的环境、机器电子化作业,在记者参观的两个小时内,几乎看不到有工厂员工作业。Haier central air-conditioning interconnected factory quality department minister liu xiaobo is introduced, the factory workers mostly responsible for the supervision and inspection of link whether there is a problem, the factory has a basic implementation & other;Intelligent & throughout;.In addition to the number of workers less, haier central air-conditioning Yang Weixin interconnection plant director also introduces, before factory set up, using 3 d simulation technology ruled out the first 169 intervention study.Is with optimization technology to build the first factory that, after the completion of the plant to run nine months, a device has not moved.& other;At present factory mainly produces magnetic suspension centrifuge and other central air-conditioning products, liu told reporters, large factories, journalists it is difficult to see people in the factory, on the contrary a mechanical arm robot.A truck full of equipment in the factory, press close to the car and truck stop and flashing red lights, reporters turned back, and then trade soon & other;Resume & throughout;Route, continue to move toward the production line.Intelligent construction of the factory cost obviously.Yang Weixin said that haier central air-conditioning interconnected factory in January 2016, a total investment of 500 million yuan.Over the past five years, the factory's capacity to achieve double-digit growth, is expected to grow by 70% this year, next year, if no accident can recover the cost.& other;私人定制”How to do?Reporters visited haier smart factory found that haier's innovation comes from to the attention of the consumers feel more, on the one hand, through the scientific and technological innovation for the connection of interaction, on the one hand, through the intelligent household enhance the user experience.When it comes to smart factory is different from traditional factory, haier company Cosmoplat hong-tao wang operations director, said: the past is the factory inventory, and the future plant will become the user's plant.In haier central air-conditioning interconnected factory showroom, staff with finger touch screen, demonstrates the implementation for journalists customers & other;Private custom & throughout;Process of user customization has 11 options, including the capacity, capacity and other information, after completion of the user to select and click on the confirmation, will generate an order number.After the user to place an order for the goods can also view their remote video at any time of the subscription products.& other;The power of one plus one is always greater than 2, the enterprise want to get the order, you need from the perspective of customers, first solve the problem of the user's spot, is the new trend in the future.Throughout the &;Hong-tao wang is introduced.Small and medium-sized enterprises need to change thinking different from that of electronic product such as consumption, household electrical appliances have become indispensable in the family & other;Friends and relatives & throughout;.家电虽一直在更新换代,但由于产品缺乏创造性,“Use what & throughout;成了大众的购买原则。Hong-tao wang said, compared with other developing countries, both Germany and the United States, their technical advantages relatively better than in China.Therefore, Chinese home appliance enterprises to enhance the level of automation, so as to adapt to a higher level of consumer demand.Hong-tao wang believes that China's manufacturing in the process of intelligent transformation, has been faced with many problems, including & other;Standard not unified, the direction is not clear, means and mode of chaotic & throughout;, etc.As early as 2015, China had issued the national intelligent manufacturing standards system construction guide.& other;国家已经明确了中国智能制造的五大标准,即‘开放、互联、柔性、智能和可视’For Chinese companies to intelligent manufacturing transformation provides guidelines and standards the ground.因此我们认为,搭建一个集成化、数字化和智能化的服务平台,更好地满足用户的个性化体验,才是企业转型升级的新方向。Throughout the &;汪洪涛说。& other;各国的主打方向不同,美国互联网、软件做的很厉害,德国技术应用做的很厉害,但是中国拥有广阔的应用市场。Throughout the &;Hong-tao wang believes that only the upstream and downstream through the platform, can better able to drive the enterprise upgrading.To intelligent manufacturing transformation, and the different report shows that the current China's intelligent manufacturing industry is still in its primary stage, most of the enterprises in the development stage, only 16% of the enterprises entered the stage of intelligent manufacturing applications.从智能制造的经济效益来看,52%的企业智能制造收入贡献率低于10%,60%的企业智能制造利润贡献率低于10%。广大中小企业智能制造程度较低的原因在于,智能化升级成本抑制了企业需求。In recent years, as companies attaches great importance to the deepening of scientific and technological innovation, the enterprise to create smart factory, deep tillage robotics, attempt from the perspective of the intelligent manufacturing, do the industry leader.  美的集团已收购了全球四大机器人公司之一的德国库卡集团,欲在一般工业领域实现生产自动化,并剑指未来的家用机器人市场。据悉,美的在智能制造领域累计投入10亿元人民币,机器人数量已达562台,节省人工2.2万。On the one hand, the machine for human effort, on the other hand, the lack of labor force in the region can share & otherMachine & throughout;实现高效的生产运营。Occupy the geographical advantages of guangdong dongguan also pulled out all the stops.The first private & other;无人工厂”Have to begin construction in dongguan, it marks the local & other;Machine throughout substitution &;Strategy into a new stage.建设该工厂的东莞松山湖长盈精密技术有限公司是一家生产、销售手机系列连接器、屏蔽件和超精密五金端子及模具的高新技术企业。  该公司常务副总经理任项生介绍,以前人工操作数控机床的产品加工,经常容易出现安全问题,产品质量的稳定性也比较差。  随着科技的迅速发展,机器正在逐渐帮助人工“省力”.由于存在着诸多个人主观因素,人工生产在实现产品标准化方面并无优势,也不再是企业的“首选”.任项生介绍,公司已下决心成立智能无人工厂,用硬件机械手来取代人工,再建立一个高度智能化的软件控制系统,进行网络远程操控。& other;这些都将大幅度提高工厂的工作效率和产品质量。Throughout the &;任项生说。& other;随着一些地区劳动力短缺现象日益严重,机器人的需求将逐渐增加,这也将倒逼机器人科研技术实现更多突破并更加国产化。Throughout the &;深圳众为兴技术股份有限公司市场总监李悦伟认为。& other;随着机器换人的步步推进,我国机器人产业将迅速发展,中国智造的时代即将来临。Throughout the &;李群自动化技术有限公司财务总监胡闻认为。  中国社科院工业经济研究所工业发展研究室助理研究员黄阳华博士认为,随着“Machine throughout substitution &;等战略的推进实施,我国机器人市场将迅速发展至万亿数量级,“蛋糕做大”的同时将会刺激更多市场主体进入这一行业。(原标题:中国制造智能化渐行渐近) (来源:中华工商时报)

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