"Guizhou equipment industry exposition 2017" closing

On July 1, a four-day & other;Guizhou equipment industry exposition and 2017 national manufacturing and Internet integration & middot;Industrial cloud experience exchange meeting & throughout;The closing.Manned space, the moon and surface to air missile, aircraft engine, the Antarctic expedition, large aircraft, fighter aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) on behalf of the frontier of modern science and technology such as high technology, high level of knowledge product appearance in the fair.4 days more than 26000 people visited, also let the exposition on the number of viewers to buy a new step.& other;Guizhou smart & throughout;Off the called & other;Guizhou throughout history's largest machinery industry expo &;, exhibition hall area of 20000 square meters, with 260 exhibitors, surface-to-air missile, robots, the eagle planes, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), 3 d printing & hellip;& hellip;The 1350 exhibits from all over the province will gladly.These represent the guizhou province in the country to the moon, tiangong major national construction projects such as product appearance in the fair.According to the guizhou province by the committee chief introduction letter to & otherInnovation, integration, intelligence, collaboration & throughout;As the theme of the 2017 & other;Guizhou equipment industry exposition and manufacturing with the Internet & middot;Industrial cloud experience exchange meeting & throughout;, its main purpose is to show guizhou in & other;Three line construction & throughout;After the formation of the strength of the equipment manufacturing industry, the contribution for the development of the national equipment manufacturing industry.At the same time, through the equipment exposition to the province, the national people's display equipment level of the industrial development in guizhou, to boost the morale of the industrial front, courage, confidence and development in guizhou.The exposition in kind exhibition as the main body, complementary with models, pictures, text and other forms, through special decoration booth design structures, the organic combination of sound, light, electricity, a large number of using new technology such as holographic projection, VR, enhanced activity participation and visual effect.In the fair & otherNational major projects throughout guizhou supporting exhibition &;Shows the guizhou for over 50 years to participate in the national major projects the development and production of auxiliary equipment, such as manned space and moon to provide power supply, electronic components, dynamically tuned gyroscope;For the C919, dragon 600 amphibious aircraft provide a series of large aircraft fasteners, fittings, hydraulic products;For aviation engines and gas turbine series regulator and heat dissipation products;Hermetically sealed electromagnetic relay for the beidou engineering;The polar all-terrain vehicles for polar research and development;For the international thermonuclear fusion reactor experiment (ITER) plans to provide magnets supporting parts, etc.Yesterday, yesterday to expo 7000 is the last day of this fair.In accordance with the provisions of the organizers, 15 PM on July 1, expo closed.Maybe it's weekend, maybe is trying to get before it closes view & other;Guizhou smart & throughout;Wonderful, on the same day, 7000 people arrived at the conference and exhibition city to visit the expo, the exhibition than usual the average number of more than 2000 people.Moreover, the visitors, the main force of children became to visit the expo.In expo exhibition hall 1, a man is to think that little girl aged 10 to the expo exhibits.Reporters know the situation after, the man told reporters that he is the expo exhibitors - & other;Fine a technology & throughout;Company general manager of the mountain.He says, they is a company specializing in the production of ultra clean high purity electronic grade chemicals enterprise.In order to develop the daughter's interest in science and technology, today, the last day of the fair, let daughter to feel the atmosphere of the expo, the future also want her to come to meet their own class.With his girlfriend to visit at the fair, Mr Lin.He said, watching the fair just know, scientific technology and strength in our country has made great progress, from before to import to today's own research and development and manufacturing, the country's scientific research and development team has a great progress, progress of national pride and relief.Xiao liu is this year just to participate in the work of college graduates.On the same day, in the weekend was the scene of the expo.And he said, did not expect.His home there are so many high-tech industries.To be able to participate in the space to the moon, the big aircraft manufacturing, such as national key projects, as a people in guizhou, it is very proud and proud.Hope that the future of guizhou, is able to make more contribution to for the country's major projects, let people in guizhou on the national stage, show a more elegant appearance.Mr. Song is a father of four.On the same day, he and his wife together with four children to visit the expo.In road project contracting, he said, his rest over the weekend, will take their children to visit the expo, let the children to understand the pride of the country into the world and guizhou and pride.Host product industry chain in driving the development of the expo, as one of the organizers of guizhou province economic and information commission officials have feeling greatly.He said the light out of guizhou are the fist products, national major project of form a complete set of manned spaceflight, lunar exploration project, deep-sea exploration and national major projects, such as large C919 aircraft engineering in guizhou.In the current state of many large projects, inside a lot of form a complete set such as components, equipment, precision casting, forging, should be displayed at the fair.There are many advanced things, if we put this kind of product can be used in the field of civil, miniaturization, guizhou industrial enterprises will be able to play more role in industrial development in the country.Now in the equipment industry in guizhou host product is relatively small, more matching products.How to introduce the host product?This is also one of the purposes of hosting expo, attracted some host products produced in guizhou.The host form a complete set of integrated upstream and downstream industry chain is very much.To create products, we want to through this host products, the quality of the products can guarantee the quality of the host product, can complement each other, clustering, intensive, high-end development.By this host engine products, bring the whole castings, forgings, the core element of production, and national production base of blade and core element of production base.Cloud) " target="_blank">

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