2017 China (guangzhou) international nc machine tool exhibition opening

On August 27, 2017 China (guangzhou) international robot exhibition, intelligent equipment and manufacturing technology (RoboIMEX2017), the 2017 China (guangzhou) international nc machine tool exhibition opened in guangzhou pazhou exhibition hall, exhibition of intelligent manufacturing the latest and the most representative of innovation achievements, has attracted more than 500 world famous enterprises and research institutions to participate in the robot.This exhibition, a three-day exhibition area of about 50000 square meters, the exhibition sponsored by China machinery industry group co., LTD., guangzhou organization of industry and information technology commission, the intelligent technology co., LTD., China machinery international cooperation co., LTD., China electric appliance science research institute co., LTD. Jointly undertake.Exhibits range industrial robot machine, special robot, service robot, entertainment robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, smart apparel products, robot development platform and software technology, robot function parts and components, robot application products and intelligent plant a full range of solutions, such as 3 d printing and related intelligent equipment and related technology of manufacturing industry of high-end products and emerging technologies.In the numerical control machine tool pavilion, stamping, forming, laser mechanic equipment, numerical control electric control system, measuring equipment, functional components, auto welding, spraying, cutting robot and complete sets of manufacturing technology, machine tool automation integration technology, cutting-edge technology such as mold injection molding processing technology and equipment are all appearance.Among them, the factory 4.0 wit can display industry intelligence solution, combining sand table and video display intelligent factory real case, show the optical tracking system, drag the teaching, such as collision leading technological achievements at home and abroad.Siasun machine industrial robot exhibition, clean (vacuum) robot, mobile robot and special robot and intelligent service robot five series products.Guangzhou exhibited electric rail transit intelligent system bus, car equipment, instruments and meters.Guangzhou guo-ying liu pine hing electric co., LTD., general manager, said the robot technology and application has become the frontier in the field of intelligent exploration, and the innovation of the future trend of national construction enterprise response manufacturing nation strategy, research and development of the high-speed intelligent detection system, can replace people to detect fault, high-speed automatic identification, by robot, intelligent vision, image contrast and the core technology such as data transmission, realize unmanned high-speed detection, the next will be applied in railway and subway.Guangzhou MingSen technology co., LTD., vice general manager Raymond ng believes that the development of domestic robots are at a stage of rapid development, through the government's support, the enterprise independent innovation, the domestic made in smart card market share gradually increase, although the current market share or foreign robots occupy most, but is expected to domestic products will be more than seventy percent in 2018.In recent years, guangzhou attaches great importance to the intelligent equipment and industry on how to give an impetus to the transformation and upgrading of industrial robots, have issued "guangzhou manufacturing 2025 strategic planning" and "about accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing industry innovation implementation opinion", "guangzhou industrial transformation and upgrading completed three years action plan (2015-2017) for planning policies, such as intelligent equipment key equipment, and strive to build the pearl river delta and even the whole country technology supply and r&d innovation center.Three consecutive years since 2015 arranged 2015 yuan of special funds, accelerate the development of key industries such as intelligent equipment and robot.The equipment manufacturing industry is worth 850 billion yuan in 2016, guangzhou, guangzhou spillover effects of industrial robots helped manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading in guangdong province.Industrial robot industry of guangdong province in guangzhou as the core has initially formed research and development, manufacturing, services, and use of the industrial chain, production accounts for about a quarter of the country.Will be held during the exhibition, but also China robot industry innovation summit peak BBS, industrial robot, service robot peak peak BBS BBS, artificial intelligence and other series of activities.(the original title: 2017 China (guangzhou) international nc machine tool exhibition) (source: epicenter wide net)

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