Renew Marty natalegawa: the fourth china-russia exposition and 28th HaQiaHui were reviewed

The fourth china-russia exposition and 28th HaQiaHui with songhua river water sing shallow sing, in the domestic and foreign businessmen are coming and beautiful meet slowly down the grandeur of the curtain.During this period, qiqihaer city around 12 key industries, promoting economic and trade, industry, science and technology exchanges and cooperation, optimize the structure of enterprises and commodities, highlight the direction of the leading industry and in economy and trade, culture, foreign exchange and other fruits.During the expo preparations for this year, municipal party committee, municipal government and competent leadership on how to organize the main leaders of fair job request, for specific deployment.Vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of yugang li, vice mayor Yao Qing respectively with the relevant departments and enterprises successively with multiple, head of the domestic and foreign economic and trade delegation on issues of mutual concern has carried on the deep discussion, is to strengthen economic and trade cooperation, expand cooperation areas and scope of extensive consultation.The fair in qiqihaer city, exhibition by the Chinese and foreign guests praise, and the state and province leaders at all levels of the full affirmation, won the excellent organization, to visit the exhibition hall more than people communication negotiations.Around this conference & other;Activate the cooperation hotspot, promote innovation and development & throughout;Theme, according to the & other;Throughout China crane hometown &;The design of the main idea, qiqihaer city plan carefully, carefully, to equipment industrial base, green food, ecological livable cities, historical and cultural city four big plate, and & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Two characteristics of the theme of the exhibition, e-commerce structure and color collocation, show the crane city unique charm.The qiqihaer city a total of 42 companies, 137 products, contract projects 4, agreed on five projects, 17 forming clue projects, signed a contract for 2.63 billion yuan.In equipment industrial base theme pavilion, the Chinese a heavy, the car group, qi CNC, machine tool companies such as exhibition, show the qiqihaer city equipment industry development;In green food display area, north bin, heng Yang farming, American dairy, ty to east fermented bean curd, BaiQuan duck rice grains, the characteristic such as the green, organic agricultural products of the enterprise, attracted the attention of numerous followers;In ecological livable city exhibit areas, cities, ice and snow tourism industry (black dragon ice skate, snow antelope equipment, Mr Yue snow), zhalong wetland, perfect presents qiqihaer city habitable ecological environment;In the historical and cultural city theme exhibition, nenjiang agate, Ian ceramics, east with embroidery, hero city culture, fully shows the qiqihaer city history and culture industry development.In qiqihaer city & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Strategy implementation and the basis of the rapid development of e-commerce, set up two features galleries, also fully shows the development of qiqihaer city comprehensive revitalization of new achievements.Qi crane source of red-crowned cranes, cultural tourism has connection in the cultural corridor, Mongolia, Russia;From heilongjiang full arts crafts co., LTD is embroidered embroidered ladies have painting framed and hung on the wall, for customers and guests viewing, they use a dab hand, each one vivid images, needlework incisively and vividly, at the same time more in & other;Full embroidery & throughout;Skills passed down.At present, the east county manchu embroidery has selected the fourth batch of national intangible cultural heritage representative projects.From the source of the liao ceramics co., LTD. Chinese traditional craft master (ceramic) wang told reporters: & other;We are fair in Russia and China old face, but every time the feeling is different, also make a lot of friends.The exposition we brought not only elaborate tea set, ceramic tableware, ceramic art, also specially produced a series of northeast TaoWa handicraft, show the different folk customs, especially popular.Throughout the &;Qiqihaer city surrounding the introduction of 12 key industries to strengthen sino-foreign joint cooperation, become a major highlight of this exhibition.According to statistics, the conference, qiqihaer city with a total including tourism, food processing, ice and snow sports, basic components, energy conservation and environmental protection five key industries of 26 projects, among them, four projects signed respectively east jade group in baiquan investment of 2.6 billion yuan of corn starch and deep processing;H high group and the force group cooperation in iron front area in a guest space incubator;The black dragon lying manufacturing company cooperate with comprehensive ice sports equipment company in the us state of Pennsylvania to produce ice skates project and hong xu starch companies with foreign equity financing project.Five intention project are the way of suzhou water health consulting management co., LTD., plans to invest 240 million yuan in the east county soda water development;Beijing burn macro animal husbandry technology co., LTD. In the east county plans to invest 050 million yuan in the production of animal husbandry and cleaning;Shaanxi large motor transport co., LTD in fularji district plans to invest 200 million yuan of logistics park construction;Outlet in the areas of lonza mall;Shanghai, China and South Korea duco pump industry manufacturing co., LTD. Carry out pump industry manufacturing project in qiqihaer city.And Harbin peoples business co., LTD., valley intends to develop business in greater China valley project, comfort group intends to develop the tourism industry in the frontal zone of iron project, net source intends to develop water treatment project in the frontal zone of iron, Beijing thousand yida company in mei rhys area to carry out the energy conservation and environmental protection projects such as clues to 17 projects, comprehensive wide-reaching success.As a brand of heilongjiang province opening to the outside world, HaQiaHui of longjiang has an irreplaceable role in the development of economy, also in qiqihaer city HaQiaHui provides the platform to good use, will work of qiqihaer opening to the outside world constantly introducing new starting point, onto a new level, driving the development of export-oriented economy continuously and take off.(the original title: when people did not spread to renew a new chapter & ndash;& ndash;The fourth china-russia exposition and 28th HaQiaHui review) (source: the qiqihar daily)

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