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France disabled from 2016 on disposable plastic bags

France disabled from 2016 on disposable plastic bagsAccording to the Beijing News, France on June 26, the Government announced that gravely hazardous to environments will begin in 2016 a total ban on the use of disposable plastic bags products, will be replaced by biodegradable and compostable bags.

It is learnt that, in view of the serious pollution caused by plastic bags on the environment, and a directive of the European Parliament to promote, France 26th of the Commission of the National Assembly passed the Bill, aims to use biodegradable and compostable bags instead of disposable plastic bags. Meanwhile, the Bill noted that supermarkets and shops can continue to provide reusable shopping bag, such products are not affected.

The Bill's passage well ahead of the deadline set by the European Parliament, not only can promote the development of green industries such as bio-degradable packaging materials, but also for France to create more jobs.

In April this year, the European…

Die enterprise development innovation is the key

Die enterprise development innovation is the keyStarmould fast deliveryStarmould in the past 25 years has been committed to high quality injection molding and blow molding production and sales, die, mostly from Portugal and Italy.Chinaplas in CHINAPLAS 2014, the company's booth at the exhibition, many new mould products, including food, cake boxes, baskets, and dozens of. Yvonne Famini introduces the show die Starmould Manager: "Starmould sell moulds, customers can order instant product, this is one of the Starmould advantage. In addition, Starmould die in Europe manufacturing, product quality can be guaranteed and more than 3500 species of species, available for customers to choose. ”Yvonne Famini think the Chinese market is very big, mould manufacturers there are many, though Starmould in the Chinese market is not very large, but this continued expansion in the future.Huida professional pipe fitting mouldsHuida mould factory is committed to the design and production of …

You know what new 2016 years automotive gauges do?

You know what new 2016 years automotive gauges do?2015 is going to end, coming in 2016, the auto industry has a number of new rules will be implemented officially.New rule: fuel limits reduced to 6.7 liters per hundred kilometers
Phase IV restrictions on fuel standards is due to come into effect on January 1, 2016, countries require car 2015 to reduce the limit to 6.9 liters of fuel per hundred kilometres by 2020 to fall to 5.0 liters per hundred kilometers.Persons at the Ministry had revealed in an interview with the media, given the heavier consumption task, set the annual fuel consumption standards for enterprise value, goals from loose to tight, from 2015 to 2020, the Ministry established by the annual production of passenger cars with an average fuel consumption targets for km 6.9 l and 6.7 l, 6.4 l, 6 l, 5.5 litre and 5 litres.New rules II: maintenance and do not have to go to 4S shop
State Department of transportation regulations amendments to the motor vehicle maintenance ma…

industry early warning: the global consumer electronics market growth

industry early warning: the global consumer electronics market growth2016 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is United States, Accenture's latest survey shows that consumer concerns about data security, declining demand for smartphones and tablet computers, and Internet market growth slows, the arrested development of the global consumer electronics industry, and this trend would persist in the next year not to go.

Accenture to 28,000 consumers in 28 countries worldwide conducted the online survey. Results showed that when purchasing Internet electronic equipment and related services, nearly half of the respondents (47%) brings security and privacy risks in the most worrying factor. Internet electronic equipment is a smart watch, wearable fitness Tracker and smart home products such as thermostats.

Already have or plan to purchase this year of Internet in the electronic equipment of the consumers surveyed, almost three-fourths (69%) said they were aware of these products may have…

2013, Chinese press reported foreign trade series (iii): Indonesia Thailand Viet Nam's leading export markets

2013, Chinese press reported foreign trade series (iii): Indonesia Thailand Viet Nam's leading export marketsCan be seen throughout China in 2013 machine Mart, with a focus on absolute share of the import market of China machine import, Indonesia, and Thailand, and Viet Nam and other countries leading export markets.

Judging from export distribution, in 2013, China's top ten export markets in the country for export to Indonesia, and Russia and India the machine to maintain the steady growth; to Viet Nam and the United States, and Malaysia and Korea's exports grow for Thailand, and Brazil and Turkey's exports fell.

Different in 2012, export geographical dispersion, in 2013, China plastic machine relative concentration of export markets in Asia, accounted for 58.31% of the market share. Indonesia, and Thailand and Viet Nam, and other Southeast Asian countries export advantage market. 2013, export to Indonesia of plastic machine number for 3395 Taiwan, export amount ab…

Bio-degradable plastic iPhone mobile phones greener!

Bio-degradable plastic iPhone mobile phones greener!In 2011, Italy biomood the company introduced its first biodegradable iPhone 100% Mobile Shell – iNature. At present, the iNature series has been used in iPhone and iPhone 6 plus 6.INature are made from Italy made of bioplastics APINAT BIO API SpA, it to oxygen-containing biodegradable in the environment, and to fully comply with the EN 13432 and EN 14995 and ASTM D6400 standards requirements.Bio-plastics with a high degree of flexibility and softness to prevent smart phone is broken, play a protective role, while the use of bio-plastic casing with practical, non-slip properties.The biodegradable mobile phone shell packaging is made of recycled paper, environmentally friendly materials and water based dyes.

Adidas to phase out the use of plastic bags

Adidas to phase out the use of plastic bagsEnvironmental protection trend in fashion shave more, recent global sporting goods giant Germany Adidas cooperate with ParleyfortheOceans, a conservation group, to work for clean oceans.As a result of the cooperation, and adidas recently announced in its 2,900 stores phased out the use of plastic bags at the same time, they also plan to develop a new technology to extract raw materials from the sea in plastic garbage, and used in the production of your products. In recent years, as environmental protesters like Greenpeace continued the pressure, require it to reduce impact on the environment, and improve factory conditions, the major fashion brands to highlight his contribution towards social and moral force in the enterprise.For example, famous Sweden fast fashion brand H&M has promised by the end of 2015 to increase the number of products that use recycled fiber production to 3 times. Consumer packaged goods industry uses large amo…

Masterbatch and additive to trigger new possibilities

Masterbatch and additive to trigger new possibilitiesMaterial directly related to growth and consumption of polymers and additives market. Because plastics are constantly applied in the new area, will develop, consume more of polymer masterbatch and additive is likely to do so.Addivant company's global performance materials business unit, Vice President and General Manager, Serge Rogasik also expressed the same view, pointing out that a widely used additive growing stems from plastic. Rogasik said: "our Polybond blends are incompatible materials into a compatible material. Because plastics are constantly in new settings applied, increasing demand for this OU function. ”Masterbatch and additive solutions innovation, create more new opportunities for a variety of end products, in order to improve the overall performance of the product in order to respond to various challenges.Clariant new solutions help packing and construction industriesClariant (Clariant) released its la…