Bio-degradable plastic iPhone mobile phones greener!

Bio-degradable plastic iPhone mobile phones greener!

In 2011, Italy biomood the company introduced its first biodegradable iPhone 100% Mobile Shell – iNature. At present, the iNature series has been used in iPhone and iPhone 6 plus 6.

INature are made from Italy made of bioplastics APINAT BIO API SpA, it to oxygen-containing biodegradable in the environment, and to fully comply with the EN 13432 and EN 14995 and ASTM D6400 standards requirements.

Bio-plastics with a high degree of flexibility and softness to prevent smart phone is broken, play a protective role, while the use of bio-plastic casing with practical, non-slip properties.

The biodegradable mobile phone shell packaging is made of recycled paper, environmentally friendly materials and water based dyes.

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