industry early warning: the global consumer electronics market growth

industry early warning: the global consumer electronics market growth

2016 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is United States, Accenture's latest survey shows that consumer concerns about data security, declining demand for smartphones and tablet computers, and Internet market growth slows, the arrested development of the global consumer electronics industry, and this trend would persist in the next year not to go.

Accenture to 28,000 consumers in 28 countries worldwide conducted the online survey. Results showed that when purchasing Internet electronic equipment and related services, nearly half of the respondents (47%) brings security and privacy risks in the most worrying factor. Internet electronic equipment is a smart watch, wearable fitness Tracker and smart home products such as thermostats.

Already have or plan to purchase this year of Internet in the electronic equipment of the consumers surveyed, almost three-fourths (69%) said they were aware of these products may have been hacked, resulting in stolen data or equipment failure. In this one, 37% consumers decided a more prudent use of these devices and services; 24% respondents chose to delay purchases of networking electronic devices and related services; 18% of respondents said before the security be guaranteed, they will not continue to use the networking electronic devices and related services.

Decline in demand for smartphones and tablet computers

The survey also found that consumer demand for traditional consumer electronics devices increasingly depressed. For example, less than half (48%) of respondents planned to buy smartphones within the next year, this proportion over a year (54%) by 6%. Coincidentally, last year intend to purchase a new TV or Tablet 38% in both the proportion of respondents, but this year 30% per cent and 29% per cent respectively.

Accenture's electronics and high-tech industries, President of Sami·lukening (Sami Luukkonen), said: "the grim situation of global consumer technology market slowdown has been evident. Consumers no longer focus on the product itself that cool, but more attention to safe, innovative and useful digital services, as well as more open collaboration between companies. With falling consumer demand for smart devices, consumer technology companies need to move quickly, to provide consumers with safe, innovative and valuable service. ”

Internet electronic device market stagnates

Market demand in smartphones and other devices have become increasingly saturated, Internet electronic equipment has been high hopes, become the main driver of growth in consumer technology industry. However, this research has found that Internet and electronic equipment market Outlook is not optimistic.

For example, only 13% per cent of respondents indicated that they plan to purchase within the next year smart watches, grew 1% compared with the previous year. Other Internet devices also appear the situation of stagnant demand, interested in purchasing fitness Tracker, health equipment, intelligent wearable thermostat and Internet home monitoring camera is only 9% the proportion of respondents, flat with a year earlier. Smart Watches market challenges is particularly significant, because this product does not reach consumers for battery life, ease of use and design expectations.

Lukonin pointed out that: "Internet marketing is a double-edged sword. Despite the broad market opportunity, but consumer concerns about security and ease, are hampering the development of IOT short term and long term. If they want to stimulate the potential of this market, consumer technology companies should seriously consider how to build ecosystem, sharing of data, thus creating an integrated service across enterprise boundaries. For example, through Internet home surveillance cameras, thermostats and door lock, for the consumer to create integrated smart home service. ”

He said: "not only that, but enterprises need to invest more in innovative services, for the consumer to create a more secure, convenient and rich online experiences. Internet products and services only in line with consumer expectations, the potential of this market can be translated into real growth, so as to revitalize the development of the consumer electronics market. ”

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