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Keywords: international news, MX molding machines, MaffeiGermany machinery maker Maffei (KraussMaffei Group GmbH) starting from the first quarter of this year in its factories in Zhejiang Haiyan assembling MX series plastic injection molding machine, CEO Harald Schweitzer in China in China, announced at a news conference held during the international exhibition of rubber and plastic.
He said: "We hope that through the MX machines assembled in Chinese factories sold, to further expand our product line, MX series has been widely accepted by the market. "China CEO Harald SchweitzerSpecializes in the production of extrusion machine when the plant was completed in 2005, but is currently being expanded, he said. Apart from the main supply MX hydraulic machines for the automotive industry, and the company also established a laboratory designed for PET equipment and training, involving the company's Chi-Netstal business.
Schweitzer said: "right now, we had sea salt facto…

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Keywords: international news, plastic injection molding machineThree prototype programs appear as amorphous metal injection molding in the enormous potential for medical device applications.
"Medical circles, there is a huge amount of interest," Tom Steipp,CEO Liquidmetal technologies (Ranch Santa Margarita, CA), plastic said today in an interview.
Amorphous metal molded selling points include:
Compact size and ergonomic shape,
Production line of plastic injection molding,
Solid material and thin walls
Corrosion resistance and
Non-magnetic (MRI compatibility).
In an interview with reporters, said: biocompatibility of Steipp amorphous metal technology is still in testing, "has nothing to do but to date, said it would be a problem. ”
Engel liquid metal forming machines.
Liquid metal is a unique development of the California Institute of technology in the early 1990 of the 20th century material.
After conventional alloy is cooled to solid state, they generally crystallize geome…

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Keywords: international news, plastic machinery, auxiliary equipment, Conair groupAnd Thermal Care Inc of Conair group. company, would create a new power Center in the field of plastic heat transfer technology, company officials said.
In thermal technology, the two companies overlap, but the collection power engineers of both companies, will contribute to advances in plastics technology, IPEG Inc. company's CEO Chris Keller said. IPEG all company is Conair, will soon become new owner of Thermal Care company. After the merger the new company is expected to become the heavyweight roles in plastic heat control.PEG Inc. company CEO Chris KellerKeller said, "we have known Thermal Care company for many years, we believe that education at both the strategic and cultural fit well with us. "
IPEG in early April to buy Republic Machine Inc. later expanded its share in plastics auxiliary equipment in the field, which is a company based in United States, Kentucky, Louisville sin…

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Keywords: international news, plastic machinery, tooling, KoreaInternational free trade agreements often produces winners and losers. Korea signed two trade agreements are helping American and European plastic machinery makers win Korea's market share. Pay the price, but Japan Presses suppliers.
Correspondents in Korea interview on the plastics and rubber industry exhibition, Korea in 2011 with the EU signed a free trade agreement last year, as well as with the United States again signed a free trade agreement to promote in Europe and Korea's machinery exports.
Korea bundang DaeJoo Industrial Co. company's technical sales manager DeeKim said: "as a salesperson, I saw Korea's plastics industry had a great change. "The company is 10 auxiliary equipment manufacturer in Europe and Korea sales representative, including the Nordson Corporation, Starlinger company, Piovan, Keifel companies Pallmann company.Hyunglip Kim AM Systems company is Korea sell more Europea…

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Keywords: international news, injection molding machine, brave and battenfeldAustria Enterprise Wham Phil Patton Group executives said the company this year will increase expansion of large tonnage injection molding press, annual sales by 2013. The company plans to make its clamping force up to 1,600 tons of large tonnage injection machines appeared at the k show next year.
"2013" activities, the mighty Phil Patton Group's additional open its covers an area of 17,220 square feet of new plants.
Last year, Austria the mighty Phil Patton Group (Wittmann Battenfeld GmbH) injection molding machines with sales of 275 million euros (358 million dollars) in 2011, representing a growth of 11%.
Mighty battenfeld CEO Georg Tinschert April 24 press conference pointed out that the company had limited due to injection molding machine specification, missing a number of large-scale injection molding machine orders in the automotive industry.
Therefore, the clamping force of 1,600 to…

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Keywords: international news, injection molding machine, KoreaKorea's biggest plastic machinery manufacturers are spent expanding their factories, want to increase productivity to remain competitive, rather than build more factories in low-cost areas.
For example, Dongshin Hydraulics Co.Ltd. announced it will invest $ 30 million in Korea to build a new factory to meet the demand for energy-saving injection molding machine, while larger rival Woojin Plaimm Inc. company is building a new factory, injection molding machines to expand annual production capacity from 1800 to 3000 units.
This is in China and Southeast Asian countries expanded factory Japan plastic machinery industry presents a sharp contrast. Korea's production cost is lower than Japan, so look more Korean enterprises have confidence in improving local competitiveness.
At a recent meeting in Seoul Korea in plastics and rubber industry show (Koplas 2013) when interviewed, Korea Busan, President of Dongshin Philip K…

3D printing in the world market will keep the 27% annual growth rate

3D printing in the world market will keep the 27% annual growth rateRecently, the well-known market consultancy IDC released its bi-annual guide to 3D printing expenses, the company predicted that global spending on 3D printing technology in the coming years will maintain annual growth of 27%. By 2019, global sales from the 3D printing industry of nearly US $ 11 billion to $ 26.7 billion in 2015.

"3D printing technology has over the years is actually some important manufacture of discrete manufacturing market forces, such as automotive and aerospace. "IDC Insight and analysis of the company business group Vice President Christopher Chute said. "However, in the past three years, lower-priced 3D printers and more economical material prompted the rapid expansion of 3D printing technology to consumer, education, medical care and other manufacturing markets. ”

In the report, IDC forecasts in Asia, the United States and Western Europe, which dominate in the 3D printing i…