3D printing in the world market will keep the 27% annual growth rate

3D printing in the world market will keep the 27% annual growth rate

Recently, the well-known market consultancy IDC released its bi-annual guide to 3D printing expenses, the company predicted that global spending on 3D printing technology in the coming years will maintain annual growth of 27%. By 2019, global sales from the 3D printing industry of nearly US $ 11 billion to $ 26.7 billion in 2015.

"3D printing technology has over the years is actually some important manufacture of discrete manufacturing market forces, such as automotive and aerospace. "IDC Insight and analysis of the company business group Vice President Christopher Chute said. "However, in the past three years, lower-priced 3D printers and more economical material prompted the rapid expansion of 3D printing technology to consumer, education, medical care and other manufacturing markets. ”

In the report, IDC forecasts in Asia, the United States and Western Europe, which dominate in the 3D printing industry area-in the total share of global spending 70% of 59.2% growth from 2014 to 2019. The report also predicted that China will become a 3D printing hardware and services an increasingly important leader in the field.

"IDC research on 3D printing shows that, the 3D printer market are ready, ready for a large range of mainstream acceptance. In several markets and regions have a strong demand for this technology. "IDC company image, print and document solutions research projects Vice President Keith Kmetz said.

The company hard copy solutions research director Tim Greene added: "many technologies are driving the 3D printing technology in almost every direction of sustainable development and enlargement. These techniques can help provide greater, more accurate and more rugged models, and time spent on just one past a few minutes. ”

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