Keywords: international news, plastic machinery, broad prospects for Africa

Keywords: international news, plastic machinery, broad prospects for Africa

In recent years, the stable political situation in the African region, the economic situation continued to improve, and improve the overall investment environment. Africa has gradually become a new focus in China's overseas direct investment. Because African countries common economic structure, weak industrial base issues, complementary industrial structure of China and African countries. The Chinese Government has made it clear to encourage and support Chinese enterprises to invest in Africa.
Africa plastics market prospects for the development of plastic machinery enterprises create preconditions. United States growth consulting company furuositeshali company to make plastic packaging market for Southern Africa report predicts that from 2009 to 2016, the plastic packaging market to an annualised growth rate of 5% in southern Africa, to the 2016 annual revenues of us $ 1.41 billion. In recent years, with construction and industrial development of African countries, African societies for the type and quantity of plastics demand has increased substantially.
As some of Africa's most populous nation of 130 million people, Nigeria will become a very good motorcycle plastic parts and plastic machinery production base. In South Africa, because of low industry threshold, South Africa plastics enterprises are small and medium enterprises. Plastics manufacturing to South Africa GNP of only 0.6%. From this we can see, plastic machinery market has huge potential in Africa.
The State encourages enterprises to "going out" policy, had a lot of press companies, into the continent, establish plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises in Africa. A few years ago, Ryan Presses ahead, set up their own factories in Africa, not only attracted local people to work in factories, and Ryan's plastic products and production of plastic products, machines and gradually won friends in Africa trust and welcome.
As a labor-intensive industry, plastics machinery businesses and plastics processing enterprises can provide more employment opportunities for local and African society lower labor costs is essential to the development of the enterprise. In Ethiopia, a plastic shoe company, 10 Ethiopian workers ' salaries add up to only a workers ' wages in China now, "two Ethiopian workers (work), you can replace a Chinese worker, strive for the target of 1:1 within the next years," Foreman said joyfully. For labor costs to total costs 25% shoe factory, the factory in Africa can get out of the predicament of rising labor costs in China.
At the policy level, plastic machinery enterprises in China into Africa can enjoy the Chinese Government, the African Governments to develop preferential policies signed with the European and African countries duty-free preferential policies. Among them, the tax policy of understanding with Europe and the United States, but also for Chinese plastic machinery enterprises and provides a platform for plastics processing enterprises to enter the European and American markets.
Plastic machine market opportunities in Africa, from India, and Taiwan businesses have quickened the pace of investment plans in Africa.
Chinese enterprises should play to their advantages and policy advantages, and actively explore the "going out" way, while their economic benefits, leading local employment and industrial technology in Africa.

Keywords: international news, plastic machinery, broad prospects for Africa
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