India plastic industry optimistic about new Government

India plastic industry optimistic about new Government

The all India plastic Manufacturers Association (AIPMA) has been looking for help from the Government, so that its members can invest in new technologies, but also creates new plastic in the country park. Anand Oza, President of AIPMA said recently: "plastic industries is India one of the biggest GDP contributor, an annual growth rate of 12-15%, and 50,000 manufacturers, in India in China exceeded 4 million. ”

Said he has the responsibility to explain to the Government requirement to promote changes in policies that promote industry growth, one of the objectives is to promote the industry and the Government in technological innovation and infrastructure cooperation in recycling plastic.

AIPMA in Mumbai has attracted 3.9 billion dollars of investment and building more plastic in the country park. These parks are Dahej Panipat (Haryana), North Rajasthan, Gujarat Pradesh Sanand, Karnataka and kalalabang Narasapura industrial park for construction.

AIPMA said that by 2020, India per capita plastics consumption growth will be changed from 8 kg to 20 kg. India plastic industries also recognizes the importance of waste management, has been calling for the development of national recycling policies. However, due to the economic slowdown last year, plastic industry calls for increased import duties, especially for low-end suppliers in Southeast Asia and China. In fact, Plastivision India, held in Mumbai in December 2013 during the exhibition, AIPMA strongly appeals to the Government from the ASEAN (ASEAN) member countries and China 20% tariff imports of plastic products.

India resin industry success has prompted the Government to raise import tariffs from 5% to 7.5% but AIPMA indicated that he did not think, said the move would improve India plastic products manufacturer's cost.

AIPMA Chairman Arvind Mehta said, due to import taxes on free trade agreements with ASEAN and India companies at a disadvantage. He added that the Association does not oppose in principle the import, but called for the creation of a fair competition environment. However, the requirements of AIPMA slow response of the Government, but is wary of chemicals and petrochemicals Ministry said ASEAN trade agreement for India in the imports and exports are "balanced", and expanded trade.

Despite the arguments defending Government officials such as a trade agreement, but India plastic machinery manufacturers Association Chairman Mahendra Patel is convinced that Government will stay on in 2009, tariffs on Chinese-made plastic injection molding machine, some of which tariffs as high as 223%.

India Company to benefit from higher tariffs, for example, India oil company specifically mentioned in its annual report, raised tariffs to 7.5% of raw materials helps to increase their profit margins.

Automotive, retail and infrastructure will contribute to plastic consumption

PlastIndia Foundation associated with the plastic main India associations, organizations and the supreme body of a study conducted by the Institute showed that the plastics industry after the 2016-17 is expected to continue growing at a double-digit rate.

The past five years, India plastic industries annual growth rate was 13%, after 2016-17 is expected to continue growing at a double-digit rate, the study is called "India 2012-2016 of the plastics industry".

PlastIndia National Executive Committee Chairman j. R. Shah said: "India is a growing market for plastics, relative global annual consumption was 275 million tons, India 11 million tonnes annual consumption, the average rate of 10% is expected to reach 16.5 million tonnes by 2016. ”

Study says over the next five years, the per capita consumption of plastics industry will increase by 1 time.

PlastIndia Foundation's estimation, the 2016-17 demand for polymers from 2012-13-11 million tons increased to 16.5 million tons, an average growth rate of 10.8%. Meanwhile, major polymer manufacturing capacity will increase from 10.4 million tons at present to 15.2 million tonnes.

PlastIndia Foundation will be held in Delhi in February 2015 5 10th Nineth PlastIndia exhibition, obtain India Ministry of chemicals and fertilizers, chemicals and petrochemicals Ministry, is expected to have over more than 2000 exhibitors from more than 40 countries.

PlastIndia Foundation President Subhash Kadakia, hopes the show will more than ever before, better, more spacious Visual field goal. The other major events will include PlastIndia International University in Vapi in Gujarat State to make farmers understand the plastic culture, encouraging plastic product and technical innovation, and through the Plasticon prize is awarded to recognize their achievements.

Critical development in the South

Kadakia, India for the plastics industry is very important in the South. Two PVC company in the area and a polystyrene plant, is a leader in field of thermosetting plastics and composites. PVC pipe in the area centers. In addition, India is also Center of the automobile industry in the South, in the auto parts industry, plastic growth potential is huge.

Tamil Nadu Association of plastics manufacturers in a recent survey showed that Tamil Nadu plastics consumption more than 750,000 tons, the Association has more than more than 6,000 small plastics company, provides direct and indirect employment opportunities for more than 1 million people.

PlastIndia Foundation, near Manali in Chennai will soon build a integrated plastic industrial park. Tamil Nadu universities every year about 8,000 plastic engineering professionals, in particular through training Chennai plastics engineering technology research center, of the Centre in providing plastics related courses in India are in a leading position.

State-owned India oil company in 2004 into the petrochemical industry, in 2010, a naphtha cracking plant in India North of Panipat commissioning, production capacity of 600,000 tons of polypropylene. India oil company Vice President R.V. Prabhu said that since 2004 has reached 4 billion US dollars of total investment in the petrochemical industry. India oil companies are buying now in Bangladesh to produce polymers India Company.

Prabhu said: "India plastic raw material demand in the domestic market growing at a double-digit rate, averaging about 12%. India polymer consumption by about twice the GDP growth rate. In fact, polymer demand exceeds supply, but India's self-sufficiency rising with the increase in demand, the situation may change. "Bahtinda (Punjab State) another plant was put into operation to improve the supply situation. The Gulf (Saudi Arabia, and Qatar and the U.A.E.) supply increased polyethylene production. Prabhu said: "due to the limited supply of natural gas, the supply situation might not continue for a long time. ”

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