Keywords: international news, plastic machinery, tooling, Korea

Keywords: international news, plastic machinery, tooling, Korea

International free trade agreements often produces winners and losers. Korea signed two trade agreements are helping American and European plastic machinery makers win Korea's market share. Pay the price, but Japan Presses suppliers.
Correspondents in Korea interview on the plastics and rubber industry exhibition, Korea in 2011 with the EU signed a free trade agreement last year, as well as with the United States again signed a free trade agreement to promote in Europe and Korea's machinery exports.
Korea bundang DaeJoo Industrial Co. company's technical sales manager DeeKim said: "as a salesperson, I saw Korea's plastics industry had a great change. "The company is 10 auxiliary equipment manufacturer in Europe and Korea sales representative, including the Nordson Corporation, Starlinger company, Piovan, Keifel companies Pallmann company.

Hyunglip Kim AM Systems company is Korea sell more European Milacron a machine

He said: "after the free trade agreement with the European, European equipment prices dropped sharply, and many users to buy European equipment. Japan suppliers lost many customers. "
European production equipment to cancel tariffs of about 10%, means that more Korea midsize enterprises start buying machinery from the EU. According to Kim, said that in the past, only the big companies like Samsung buy.
United States equipment suppliers are also benefiting, but the United States and Korea in March 2012, on the progress made in the implementation of the free trade agreement signed between slow, and may take a long time to have an impact on the market, Kim said.
These are good for Western companies.
Also, as can be seen from the exhibition, Korea mold makers are expanding their exports to Europe, but did not see European and American mould makers increase Korea's exports.
Korea mold makers say the reason is that Korea mold product prices are lower than in North America and Western Europe.
No matter who wins or loses, from this exhibition, I can feel the exhibitors to Korea's keen interest. Korea is the large plastic equipment market in Asia, an annual market demand of around 3600 injection molding machines, equivalent to the United States market of injection molding machine sales.
Germany manufacturers statistics show that free trade agreements to increase exports to help.
In 2011, Germany to Korea of plastics and rubber machinery exports have almost doubled, to $ 202.9 million, Germany's VDMA machinery Association officials this is partly due to the FTA entered into force in July 2011.
Last year, Germany Korea similar machinery exports fell to $ 131.8 million.
This might suggest that, the long-term impact of free trade agreements is limited. But the VDMA official pointed out that, in 2012 for mainland China and Taiwan's exports have also declined, while Korea is part of the Asian market.
VDMA said, "in all these countries, exports have increased significantly from the previous year, reached a record high. Therefore, the 2012 export decline to some extent, should be seen as a consolidation. "
VDMA data indicate that, in 2011 and 2012 are still at least since 2000, Germany mechanical Korea exports a year.
Headquartered in Krauss-Maffei in Munich companies Maffei Technologies GmbH, tariff relief to promote in Korea sales.
Resident account manager in Munich Yeon-Jeong Dullin at the company's booth at the interview said: "before the free trade agreements are signed, customers often complain about the high prices of our machines. Although free trade agreements are not the only reason, but it does help us improve Korea's sales. "
Korea markets important because Korea's large automobile and electronics makers, such as Samsung and Hyundai, have built factories around the world, so-Maffei company in Germany additional sales personnel, designed for Korea customer service.
Ferromatik Milacron company, free trade agreements on its high-end models offer a driver of sales in Europe, AM Systems Co.Ltd., President of HyunglipKim, said. The company is a company in Korea agent.
This exhibition in an interview, he said: "this has given us a lot of help. We can now directly against Japan match. "
He said that but Milacron FTA United States Middle-machine is not too obvious, because the United States-Korea agreement into effect until March 2012, and Korea sometimes receive services from the company factory in China.
United States society of the plastics industry, an official said, evaluation of Korea-United States free trade agreement, the overall impact is still too early, but he said that United States Korea machinery exports have shown growth.
"Now a clear conclusion is premature, because it takes a long time to gradually implement the agreement and United States budget and fiscal environment there is political instability, under the influence of the latter. It is clear that some enterprises has so far dared to use the benefits of "Association Senior Director of International Affairs and trade MichaelTaylor said.
"The industry's core area, United States machinery maker had not been substantial growth of exports, growth could be closer to 6%. "
Trade agreement seems a Korea United States trade surplus, English-language newspaper Korea Herald said.
The newspaper quoted Korea Government data, said the Korea-US trade surplus in the 11 months after the implementation of the agreement, rose 44% to us $ 14.6 billion, is the fastest growing automobile, machinery, petroleum products and rubber products.
In the field of mold making, Koplas show an interview with plastics News said FTA Korea companies had a positive impact.
United States increased automotive molder in Korea mold purchased from Samu Dies Corp in Seoul. the company's technical and sales manager Hank Yoon said.
He said that the company expects, after the implementation of the free trade agreement, the United States exports climbed 10%. The company now exports about 5 million US dollars, company sales totaled $ 36 million.
But Yoon said found no United States dies in Korea's sales increased, because United States labor costs are too high, in Korea's competitive enough.
Exhibition of Korea mold makers also share this view.
However, judging from the VDMA data 2012 Germany to Korea's mold exports climbed, while Korea mold imports declined. VDMA said on Germany for mold, Korea is still smaller export markets, ranked 39th in the world.
DaeJoo Kim says, he is not sure whether the free trade agreement of Korea plastic device manufacturers have a generally positive impact, because most of their equipment belonging to the mid-range price in the global market.
Value price customers will be buying Chinese equipment, and high-end customers now prefer devices in North America or Europe, he said.
Korea plastic processing machinery industry association, supportive of free trade agreements, and that the Association believes that trade agreements will facilitate more imports, while also increasing Korea enterprises to export, it would be beneficial to both sides.
Affected by the world economic turmoil over the past two years, Korea market growth flat, General press market is basically half of domestic and imported equipment, General Secretary of the Association HanYi-Koon told the plastics news.
Interviews at the show some of the Korea press stated that they are committed to increasing exports. WoojinPlaimmInc injection molding machine manufacturers. company is targeting United States markets, to establish new offices in Chicago and Atlanta.
But other companies, including about 500 different size machines suppliers and weren't sure whether it occupies a niche in the global market.
From the Korea Pusan Dongshin Hydraulics injection molding machine manufacturer Co.Ltd. company President Phillip Kim said that he supported the free trade agreement, but his company's export business seldom. Partly because of its domestic business good, no extra capacity for overseas shipments. But it is not clear whether it can adapt to the order of arrival in the global market.
Kim said: "the low-end customers using machines in China, higher-end customers in the use of Japan or the European-made machines, so where is my market? "But, he added, the company attaches great importance to enhance the competitiveness of self. "We have to catch up with Japan or European rivals. "

Keywords: international news, plastic machinery, tooling, Korea

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