Keywords: international news, HPM injection molding machine, made in China, United States

Keywords: international news, HPM injection molding machine, made in China, United States

United States MARION, Ohio-history's first China-made HPM injection moulding machines will be supplied to a United States client, that is headquartered in Kenton, Ohio, Pleasant Precision Inc. company. This machine from Foshan, Guangdong yizumi precision machinery company limited factory assembled.
HPM in North America is located in Marion, Ohio, headed HPM veteran William Flickinger, the company at the end of April to the HST for this is 220 tons clamping force machine delivery.
He at the end of March in the city of Marion told the Plastics News said: "we are make small adjustments to the controller, to ensure that it is fully functional. "
One of these adjustments, is the controller of languages from Chinese to English.
Two years ago, in the United States within the close years of HPM factory in Mount Gilead, Ohio, yizumi auction bid won the HPM's intellectual property. The Chinese machinery maker said cost $ 325,000, won the HPM right to use a trademark, engineering drawings, and client list.
Reborn HPM yizumi used the basic design of injection molding machine and HPM advises companies in North America. Permanent, product development manager, Marion Yong Li is responsible for coordinating communication with Chinese engineers.
HPM company had 12 employees in North America, with its headquarters office 7500 square feet (700 square meters), also has an 18000 square feet (1672 m) factory. Other parts are stored in another building on the ground. The company responsible for the molding machine HPM sales to the United States, and Canada and Mexico markets.
Flickinger said that Iraq's secret hope to use the well-known brand of HPM open North American market. The Chinese company also made good use of its United States employees with technical expertise. Flickinger said that the 12 employees in North America, there were 8 people worked for the HPM, they add up to the number of working years to 150 years. Flickinger was a industry veteran, he entered the HPM in 1968, served as head of Mount Gilead. HPM-other longevity experts, including Howard Radel (28 experience), Daniel Kane (25 experience) and Don Jagger. Randall Clements, General Manager of the company about 20 years of experience in the industry.
Flickinger said: "we can make any necessary changes to injection molding machine. Iraq's secret hope to produce a standard machine. It will be stored here, but we can make changes. We can add the core, can add a special sequence or making other modifications. Yizumi allows us to do so. "
HPM North America this summer, the company plans to set up an exhibition hall showing 2, 3 injection molding machines and a die casting machine. Company officials are still negotiating a takeover of the whole industrial buildings.
HPM's die casting equipment appeal to Iraq's secret, Iraq's secret is China's second-largest producer of die casting machines. Yizumi are production based on the design of HPM export machine. Flickinger said: "when they come here, they feel HPM's die casting machine machines more sophisticated than they had in the Asian market, it gives them the opportunity to open more high-tech models market segment. "
HPM company has sold 6 die casting machines in North America, of which 4 is 2000 ton machine and 2 400 tons of machine. For a relatively small market for die casting machines, this sale is really impressive, Flickinger said. HPM North American companies will be in charge of Iraq's secret rubber molding machine series in North American sales, parts and service.
Bought the first new HPM Pleasant Precision injection molding machine company is a toolmaker, and in recent years has been expanding its injection molding operations. HPM North American companies for the machine is equipped with an automatically by the MAX brand China supplies machinery.
Flickinger said that machines in the customers entity is a big deal for a new company, well-known brands are no exception. HPM was founded in 1877, initially producing Apple Juice Extractor. In 1930, the company began production of injection molding machine, once producing a lot of metal stamping and other machinery. The 1960, HPM factory in Mount Gilead, the number of employees has reached 1000. The old large plants changed hands several times, also experienced in the long history of the bankruptcy and eventual closure of the at the end of 2009.
Meanwhile, Flickinger opened a HPM service in the city of Marion. Director Rick yan, General Manager of Iraq's secret according to their professional judgement to decide whether to buy the intellectual property, and Iraq's secret decision to Flickinger investment shares of the company.
Yong Li's work in the city of Marion is to visit a mechanical drawings are stored in one of the records, bills of materials, and sales literature's Office. Some of them may date back to 1900. Most of the more recent information stored electronically.
Company sales manager Matt Yanik was signed producer representatives. Starting from the end of March, the company will have two representatives in Canada North York, Ontario Plascom plastic machinery Inc. company and located in the United States Midwest Plastic Systems Inc of Piqua, Ohio. the company, sales range covers United States of Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Kentucky. Yanik says HPM is looking for more sales representatives.
Flickinger said that some sales representatives as well as some potential customers, is sit back and wait and see the real situation. The wait is over. He said: "the first machine is now here. So we feel we have provided what they need, which is placed in front of the real machine. "
Flickinger, I devoted most of his career to HPM. He is an engineer and a candid midwesterner. His next words to express of HPM.
He said: "I worked from 1968 to 2001 in HPM, during a lot of good times, some bad. For me, I am happy to HPM's name is back, and we have new machine HPM again to the market. Obviously, I'm full of pride for HPM. We produce a great plastic injection molding machine. I am convinced that today we launched the new machine will old HPM old style, set up a new visibility. "
HPM's reputation has not faded. Clements recalled the 1965 year of HPM. He said: "vertical machine HPM can be traced back to the 40. We also have records of these machines. "
Flickinger estimates that HPM is still used in injection molding machine is about 7000-8000. He said, of which about three-fourths in North America, but HPM, heavy duty models, mainly in the Middle East, South America and Europe and put into use.
Flickinger said that Mexico's economic recovery, companies began to buy equipment. HPM North American companies have received Mexico's request for service, also will be there selling the new machine. He said Mexico market interest in the injection molding machine and the die-casting machine seems to be very strong.
Yizumi officials valued HPM 136 years of history.
At the auction, the Chinese company bought an old Apple juicer and a 1937 production of injection moulding machines. Yizumi will copy the Apple juicer and will be exhibited in the showroom of the company. The 1937 Edition of the injection molding machine to be displayed at the headquarters of Iraq's secret.
Flickinger said: "I think that they are very pleased to be able to buy HPM's intellectual property. This gives them a good chance to enter the North American market. They are good people. They were quite good. Very skilled. "
Iraq's secret is developing a dual-fluid injection molding machine, are expected to fall this year. The Chinese machinery maker's engineers have begun development of a high speed machine. Flickinger said that it will expand the scope of product lines in North America. These machines have to meet United States safety standards, and electrical requirements. "
Flickinger, being bought by Chinese enterprises HPM is a new step in the long history.
He said: "we are very proud of. We believe that we now have a real comeback. Apparently from a sales point of view, we are exposed to most of the customers are expected to see the first new machine. And now we have launched the first new machine, so we are very happy. I think everyone who saw the machine, as well as the people involved in its development, lamented its smooth operation, it is a good machine. Looking to the future, we believe this is an important milestone, now we really do have a new supply of injection molding machine.

Keywords: international news, HPM injection molding machine, made in China, United States
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