France disabled from 2016 on disposable plastic bags

France disabled from 2016 on disposable plastic bags

According to the Beijing News, France on June 26, the Government announced that gravely hazardous to environments will begin in 2016 a total ban on the use of disposable plastic bags products, will be replaced by biodegradable and compostable bags.

It is learnt that, in view of the serious pollution caused by plastic bags on the environment, and a directive of the European Parliament to promote, France 26th of the Commission of the National Assembly passed the Bill, aims to use biodegradable and compostable bags instead of disposable plastic bags. Meanwhile, the Bill noted that supermarkets and shops can continue to provide reusable shopping bag, such products are not affected.

The Bill's passage well ahead of the deadline set by the European Parliament, not only can promote the development of green industries such as bio-degradable packaging materials, but also for France to create more jobs.

In April this year, the European Parliament adopted a directive requirements until 2017 before the EU-wide reduction in plastic bag usage by half, to 2019 years ago to reduce its use of 80%.

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