Hunan, robot: based on the development of technical guidance

2017 ciros & amp;During SIAS exhibition, hunan, can the robot technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other;Throughout, but the company &;)Vice President Mr Liang Qi in an interview with reporters, to share, but the robot's recent developments, trends, and his understanding of the intelligent manufacturing and expectation., but the robot technology co., LTD., vice President of hunan Liang Qi this exhibition, but companies with intelligent collaborative robot Sawyer, not only with the examples of following assembly shows its assembly in light industry field, can be independent intelligent collaborative robot can realize various angles to correct deviation operation scene;And simulation shows the different incoming components to choose its own operation, perfect solution industry automation in the process of upgrading the incoming number, location, industry problems.Both demonstrate the benefit from the Sawyer powerful embedded intelligent collaborative robot visual function and supple arm operation ability.Loaded the Intera collaboration software platform of intelligent robot Sawyer, along with the continuous renewal of platform upgrade, will continue to optimize their performance, to provide customers with better more tangible value experience.In industrial applications in the field of view, collaborative robot application prospect, they not only can replace manual, and deployment costs and cycle has a larger advantage than traditional industrial robots.With the rapid development of 3 c industry, represented by, but the company's intelligent collaborative robot application advantages in such industry greatly, at present in the 3 c electronics, instruments and meters assembly and testing, white goods and other fields were applied., but its intelligent collaborative robot operating system can be divided into industrial edition and research, are based on the software platform used for the development of the ROS.Baxter and Sawyer is not only active in the field of industry, the research of open source SDK version product and sensing function, meet the demand of multidisciplinary research, Stanford university, the university of Sydney, Kyoto university, tsinghua university, Peking University, Shanghai jiaotong university, zhejiang university, the world's top universities, such as cutting-edge technology laboratory & other;The guest & throughout;.In recent years, with the penetration of the concept of intelligent manufacturing, led to the rapid development of related industries.Collaboration is closely related to the robot and intelligent manufacturing, but in the big data, systems and automated production equipment, under the large concept of robot is one of the parts.New concept must be guided by the technology trends, the development of intelligent manufacturing thanks to big data fully applied more and more, it also reflected in the development of robot, the robot's data collection and analysis ability becomes more and more important, or even able to achieve a robot can control production lines.Company can intelligent collaborative robot is progress and upgrade, and highly consistent with industry trends: to the forefront of intelligent robot coordination modern manufacturing technology service.Liang said: & other;At present the definition of intelligent manufacturing and no unified standard strictly, such as unmanned factory hot spots, its development prospect is also not clear, based on the present, innovation of the traditional mode of production, make manufacturing more intelligent.Throughout the &;Intelligent manufacturing system should be able to according to different industries, the personnel and equipment organically unifies in together, realize human-machine collaborative.Market development cannot be achieved in the short term unmanned level and intelligent level of high and low, also can't rely on researchers measured how much.It depends on the inside and outside two aspects, from the inside to see: equipment suppliers technology is still not up to par, system also needs a bigger transformation and ascension;And from the outside: user demand trends by mass customization, also puts forward the corresponding requirement to equipment.Based on the development of the Chinese market, at present, in the domestic sales model is direct sales and agent in parallel, direct selling is aimed at some of the key industries in large customer, the benchmarking enterprise, as a key partner.But due to the domestic industry robot market coverage and the regional distribution is extensive, more rely on direct marketing is not only better meet user requirements, so the future will strengthen the cooperation with integrators, aims to more close to the market.On good development model and product advantage, its can be booming in the company.Although collaboration in the field of industrial robot now is not big, but its development is very rapid, more and more users are gradually accept the idea of collaborative robot, and is willing to experience and to try.Talk about the future development, the beam pointed out: & other;Based on the robot industry, from the point of technology development and market demand, with the constant improvement of collaborative robot, it is very likely the future development towards the direction of the service robot.Throughout the &;However nowadays service robot has a larger development space, also need to constantly promote safety, aptitude, from a technical point of view, the future service robot can rapid development as a new field., but also through technical innovation, product upgrade continuously, deliver more value for customers, and steadily push forward in the direction of diversification.(the original title: based on the development of technology oriented) (source: MM "modern manufacturing")

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