High-grade CNC machine tool to realize localization of breakthrough

Whether it will become a steel plate shape complicated gear, or high performance fiber materials will be streamlined vehicle shell, or just to fine a billet cutting, cannot leave the machine tool.This used to make machine machine called industrial & other;Machine tool & throughout;And with the development of the industrialization process, the control methods of digital control is realized.Digital machine tools, as it were, is the foundation of industrial modernization, its technical level represents the comprehensive competitiveness of a country.
& have spent

high-end CNC machine tools to realize localization to break & have spent in order to strengthen our country's industrial base, to narrow the gap in our country on the field of nc machine tools with the international, 2009, officially launched in China & other;High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment & throughout;Major projects of science and technology, for eight years, special yielded fruitful results, the new output value of about 70.6 billion yuan, in constantly improve the level of high-end digital machine tool technology, key areas of domestic manufacturing equipment manufacturing support strong, high-grade CNC machine tool to realize the localization of breakthrough.
& have spent high-grade CNC machine tool break the foreign monopoly
& have spent & other;On a machine tool, the X axis movement can processing line, and the Y axis can be machined surface, the Z axis can be processing a three-dimensional object, but it is not enough.Throughout the &;Mechanical science research institute director de-cheng wang told reporters, the Chinese JingJiWang & other;Industry often is more complex curved surface machining, ships, aircraft, rockets, satellites, the material of many key parts in the spacecraft, the structure, the machining process has certain particularity and difficulty, using traditional machining method can't meet the requirements, must adopt multi-axis linkage, high speed and high precision nc machine tool can meet the processing requirements.Throughout the &;
& have spent de-cheng wang said multi-axis linkage CNC machine tools is a key technology, it can be implemented on a machine tools on the multiple axes of motion at the same time, the cutting tool or workpiece can be under control in the numerical control system and coordinated movement, so as to complete the processing of complex shapes.Although our country is the first manufacturer in the world today, but the extreme lack of high-end CNC machine tools, in our country in the field of high-end manufacturing has been disciplined by others.
& have spent & other;Our country can't do it before of five-axis linkage machine tool, the use of numerical control system is also made in abroad.Once in order to manufacture a device on a large ships, many manufacturers scrambling to rob to use only imported machine tools.For aerospace enterprises, foreign high-grade CNC machine tool not only for us to restrict imports, imported a, even if also have information on the back door, the nc system can monitor for us, for national security is a very big hidden trouble.Throughout the &;Chinese academy of sciences and the special technology to the total teacher bing-heng lu said.
& have spent with the aerospace, shipbuilding, energy, electric power, national defense war industry, the rapid development of automobile and engineering machinery and other industries, for large, heavy and complex, high precision of high-grade CNC machine tool demand has increased dramatically.To change the present situation of the field of high-end CNC machine tools grip is imminent.
& have spent , & other;High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment & throughout;Science and technology major projects focus on large imports, wide market demand side of the machining center and CNC lathe research and development for the deployment.Machine tool company has developed a large number of new products to adapt to market demand, gantry machining center, five-axis linkage machining centers and other manufacturing technology mature, heavy forging equipment performance is close to the international advanced level, precision horizontal machining center to form the core technology with independent intellectual property rights of the flexible manufacturing system.To & other;Five-year & throughout;At the end of the product design and manufacturing ability of machine tool enterprises in China, received a significant boost high-end CNC machine tools and equipment to enhance international competitiveness.
& have spent

high-end CNC machine tools to realize localization to break & have spent in the field of high-end CNC machine tools, finally have the can be on a par with imported equipment in our country independent research and development of products, 80000 tons of large forging press and capacity of heavy forging such as tension machine and CNC stamping equipment, the success of the fill in the domestic aviation big in the whole forming technology blank;Has been applied successfully to the large tank welding equipment packages Yu Changzheng 5 developed a new generation of rockets, such as in space has established the first domestic production demonstration line of machining center and CNC turning center, has been applied in a new generation of carrier rocket, docking mechanism, lunar exploration project differential mechanism and so on more than 100, more than 10000 key complex parts processing, has obtained the remarkable economic and social benefits;The industrialization of effective CNC forging forming equipment, including a press line of automobile covering more than 70% domestic market share, global market share has exceeded 30%, effectively promote the domestic equipment manufacture, and successfully exported the United States and 9 production lines for ford car.
& have spent at the same time, improve equipment support ability the important fields in our country.& other;Represented by five axis machining center of high-grade CNC machine tool, in the typical aircraft structures, space complex and precision components, maneuverable missile engine parts and other fields to achieve mass demonstration application, for the large aircraft, aircraft, lunar exploration project and other national major projects and key projects provides the key manufacturing equipment.Throughout the &;
& have spentIndependent innovation and reliability level significantly increased
& have spentSpecial since 2009, CNC machine tool industry technology level obviously promoted, narrow the gap with the international advanced level.Bing-heng lu is introduced, the development of precision horizontal machining center, such as more than 30 kind of key products reached the international advanced level.Among them, 25 meters CNC pillar mobile vertical milling lathe is the urgent need of construction of major national construction projects, replace imported high-end products, its technical parameters, technical level is a world leader, machine specification, bearing weight of the world's largest, represents the highest level national high-grade CNC heavy duty machine tools.
& have spentMost notably , independent innovation and reliability of the machine tool industry in our country level significantly, standards and technical norms gradually improve.Through the specific implementation, promote domestic machine backbone enterprises union, user, joint development of colleges and universities, actively organize national\/industry standard for nc machine tool reliability assessment and application in machine tool industry.Machine host MTBF from 400 to 500 hours before the implementation of the special general up to 1200 hours, the partial products has reached more than 2000 hours, close to the international leading level.
& have spent bing-heng lu, special results form a large number of technical standards and norms, gradually improve machine tool industry standards and technical specification, part of the technical standards by international peers, and was listed in the international standards, the industry will markedly enhance its international competitive advantage, form a strong support to product development and also for national ability of the equipment manufacturing industry sustainable development play a security role.
& have spentPut forward by the end of 2016, our country independent used to test the s-shaped specimen of five-axis linkage machine tool precision standard has passed the international standard council authorized, become our country at first in the field of high-grade CNC machine tool design, test standard, implements & other;Zero & throughout;The breakthrough.
& have spent moreover, special for more than eight years of implementation, the cumulative application 3956 invention patents, the project country and industry standards, 407 2951 research and development of new products, new technology, new production of about 70.6 billion yuan.In research institutions, industry key enterprises innovation ability construction of the 18 platform, deployed 70 demonstration project, cultivating innovative talents of more than 5500 people.
& have spent domestic & other;Throughout the brain &;Fill JiZhongGuo manufacturing short
& have spent CNC system is machine tool equipment & other;Throughout the brain &;Of nc machine tools, function, performance, reliability, cost price of the key factors, is also a bottleneck restricting the development of CNC machine tool industry in our country.The foundation is weak, & other;Lack of brain and heart & throughout;Has always been & other;Made in China & throughout;The short board.
& have spent , experts say, nc system, servo motor, servo drive is the most important key manufacturing equipment, such as basic components.In order to achieve & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;The goal of, form & other;Throughout China's smart &;'s core competitiveness, leave the numerical control system including the innovation of the key technology such as servo drive and servo motor.
& have spentIn order to supplement the & other;Short & throughout;, nc machine tools special deployment for the whole industry chain layout, implementation technology of the original domestic nc system.Mastered the software and hardware platform of CNC system design and production technology, in multi-channel, multi-axis linkage, key technical indicators, such as high speed interpolation technology reached the international mainstream products.
& have spent supported by the special nc machine tools, CNC system in our country implements from analogue, pulse type to digital bus across, is preliminary already have competition ability with similar foreign products.High-grade CNC system and host form a complete set of product research and development, features, and form a complete set of high-end CNC machine tools with the bulk of the preliminary implementation.According to the ministry of industry and information technology equipment industry division deputy director jun-jie luo introduction, in 2016, the special support for research and development of high-grade CNC system CNC machine has accumulated more than 1000 sets of sales, domestic market share by special before the start of the raised less than 1% to 5%.
& have spent at present, the domestic high-grade CNC system with more than 10 kind of over 600 sets of high-grade CNC machine tool accessories, demonstration application in aerospace.& other;Functional unit enterprise product quality improved steadily, continuously improve variety series, scroll feature detection equipment from scratch, static stiffness and other key technical indicators and test equipment has firmly established itself as one of the international advanced level.So far, the scroll feature in high-end CNC machine tools in the market share of 20%, compared with 2009 four times before the implementation of special promotion, varieties of satisfaction was 80%.Throughout the &;Jun-jie luo said.
& have spent and mid-range CNC system also realize the mass production, domestic market share from 10% to 10%.Industrialization production base, has formed three special support to combined CNC system is to achieve sales of nearly 4 billion yuan.Ball screw, guide rail, power tool rest key features such as on the accuracy, reliability, and other key indicators is close to the international advanced level.
& have spent & other;I see road xi & throughout;, & other;The future of our country numerical control machine tool will focus on two key user fields, aerospace, automobile generic technology research and process validation and key areas, key core components development and industrialization development in parallel, to speed up the innovation platform and demonstration project construction, strengthen the innovative talent training and introduction of high-end talent, strive to solve the numerical control system and function components, the reliability and accuracy stable, machining efficiency and technology level and so on three aspects, realize the special achievement in key areas of large-scale, specialized application demonstration, for the full implementation of & lsquo;Made in China 2025 & rsquo;To provide support.Throughout the &;Bing-heng lu said, & other;Special nc machine tools, on the other hand, with the national science and technology projects and other local science and technology project close ranks, mix, committed to national high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment and technology innovation competitiveness of development by leaps and bounds.Throughout the &;
& have spent Chinese machine tools and equipment industry & other;The aircraft carrier & throughout;Has been testing the waters, over time, machine tools and equipment industry in China & other;Throughout the ship &;Will bo waves in the wind and the tide of globalization of the world economy.
& have spent (the original title: high-grade CNC machine tool to realize localization of breakthrough)

(source: China JingJiWang)

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