China will make its debut with laser cutting machine forging machine tool machine tools exhibition 2017 wuhan

The 18th China international machinery and electronic products exposition and the 6th international machine tool exhibition will be in wuhan & otherIntelligent manufacturing, and win the future & throughout;As the theme, on September 20, 2017-23 held in wuhan international exhibition center.China forging machine tool manufacturing co., LTD. (anhui) with multiple devices appear, the exhibition booth number for A3 pavilion 3 t03-1.China forging machine tool manufacturing co., LTD. (anhui) is a set production, processing and sales and after-sale as one of the high-tech enterprises, covers an area of 100000 square, the main products are laser cutting machine, shearing machine, bending machine, etc.Corporate headquarters was established in 1994, in 2009, restructured into joint-stock enterprises.At present, more than 500 employees, annual sales of nearly five hundred million yuan.Company subordinates Beijing China forging forging machine tool manufacturing co., LTD., China (anhui) forging machine tool manufacturing co., LTD., liaoning China machine tool manufacturing co., LTD., bilateral metalforming machine tool co., LTD.China forging machine tool manufacturing co., LTD. (anhui) in & other;08 years passed ISO9001 quality system certification & throughout;& other;Ten years throughout the European Union CE certification &;And have won & other;One of the ten famous brands in China machine tool & throughout;& other;Throughout China AAA quality credit enterprise &;& other;Chinese credit enterprise system certification demonstration unit & throughout;& other;National high and new technology enterprise & throughout;Such as the honorary title, with & other;High quality laser cutting machine, shearing machine, bending machine and other products and & otherGood reputation throughout the &;& other;The high quality service & throughout;Best-selling all over the country, and has self-supported export right, products are exported to more than 60 countries around the world.Exhibition products: HD - T3 machine laser cutting machine 1, lathe bed structure of ductile iron casting, the overall natural stress relief after processing, the use of large processing center a precision machined finish, has high rigidity, accuracy and stability.HD - T3 type laser cutting machine 2, the beam by whole casting aluminum alloy, which ensure the high intensity and reduce the weight of the machine reduces the inertia that ensure the machine running at a high speed high acceleration, can be up to 1.2 G.3, bilateral adopts imported from Japan new treasure, yaskawa servo motor reducer and Taiwan precision helical gear and rack, P level linear guide as transmission components, high precision, high speed, the maximum speed of 110 m\/min, positioning accuracy & plusmn;0.05 mm\/m, repeat positioning accuracy for & plusmn;0.03 mm.4, the X axis and Y axis rack and guide rail and other protected with protective bellows transmission device, the device adopts full sealed protection, avoid dust contamination of linear guide and pinion and rack to machine tool, prolong the service life of the machine, to ensure the safety of operating personnel.5, adopted from the F2000 - system, department unified set of laser cutting control system, set the file read, design, output, and processing control, a set of software can complete the whole process from design to processing.Software provides a wealth of laser cutting process parameters, flexible layout and cutter path editing ability, introduce out, bridge, edge, light compensation, automatic curve smoothing, division, merger, distinguish between inside and outside the mold, etc from soup to nuts, provide real-time speed PWM power regulation, blast hole punch, gradual perforation, etc special process.6, HD - T3 type laser cutting machine can achieve cutting width of 1.5 2.0 m, 3.0 6.0 m, cutting length 0.5 40 mm cutting thickness, 500-8000 w laser and other options.7, HD - T3 models is operating the upper and lower two layers of double work, not only ensure the machine running stability, and improve the efficiency of the cutting board.(the original title: welcome to wuhan machine tool exhibition, the high quality product from China forging) (source: wuhan international machine tool exhibition and plastic exhibition)

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