Is sign of Qi Zou of industry of ability in swimming clear with each passing day when to come true gain ground change?

Now nowadays, consumer is taller and taller to environmental protection consciousness. In decorating a product, is consumer having the biggest question to paint? So, we today for say industry paints.
Now nowadays, consumer is taller and taller to environmental protection consciousness. In decorating a product, is consumer having the biggest question to paint? So, we today for say industry paints.
Industrial paint suffers the big inning that be restricted is industrial water lacquer, in the impression of people, although this kind of stuff is again evil, our life also cannot leave. Actually, this is a misunderstanding. Painting is large to air pollution contribution, some cities had begun to ban with.
Volatile organic matter (one of main source that VOCs) has become air pollution, it is PM2.5 not only before body other people, and the bases that is actinic pollution. Compendium of 935 ” program makes clear “ , volatile organic matter is advanced to discharge gross control in industry of key area, key, the whole nation discharges gross to drop 10% above. These key industries include petrifaction, organic chemical industry, appearance besmear outfit, pack, presswork etc.
Data shows, the gross of volatile organic compound that Chinese coating besmears outfit course of study is discharged every year to atmosphere is 4.3 million tons about, paint among them occupy it is than making an appointment with 98% . Paint contains a large number of poisonous and harmful material such as benzene, formaldehyde, heavy metal, volatilize periodic and highest can amount to 15 years, it is car tail gas besides main and invisible “ killer ” .
the harm clearly as a result of paint, the developed country begins to restrict already, drive out it. The United States set 1978 prohibit produce and using European Union of; of the paint that contain lead to legislative already 2004 limitation is produced and use paint.
Before situation of grim air pollution prevention and cure, home has had some of city to begin to say “ to paint not ” . The year before last year rose on July 1, shenzhen takes the lead in be being banned in the round with paint, later, beijing releases other people of new 5 air pollution to discharge a standard, beijing sets after 2017, furniture production industry paints comprehensive taboo spray, industrial domain also controls big range the production of oily coating and besmear outfit.
Paint is washed out, with why be being replaced? The besmear that is solvent with water installs material to be able to satisfy general requirement already completely. Compare with paint photograph, the advantage of water lacquer is very clear. Salesperson of market of lacquer of industry of ability in swimming tells a reporter, water lacquer is thinner with clear water, need not any rare makings. In the meantime, water lacquer is in construction, carry wait for a respect, having the advantage with incomparable paint. “2015 year sales volume of market of countrywide industry paint is controlled 10.44 million tons, year sale is 30.77 billion dollar, if total national capital carries out water lacquer besmear to install, not only can managing 4 million tons of the sources of energy, still can decrease a platoon 4 million tons of poisonous and harmful gas. ”
These a few years, good about the benefit of water lacquer policy followings sb's heels and come: It is to paint consumption tax is carried out formally first, it is the country collects blowdown fee formally to volatile organic matter then. These policy should be very apparent to the extruding action of paint vivosphere. However, coating industry share is held in our country the industrial lacquer of 60% above and carpentry lacquer, still be the world of traditional paint, the scale of water lacquer is less than 5% .
Industrial water lacquer, why is the industry intimate is the market cool? It is cost too tall, still produce can insufficient?
The personage inside course of study expresses, the price of water lacquer although paint of summary prep above, but paint spray, carry need major to deal with, later period cost is higher, on totle drilling cost, paint and do not have too large dominant position. Water lacquer popularizes slow reason, it is market acknowledge is spent low, 2 it is local policy executive strength still does not reach the designated position.
We had contacted “ to very much more besmear holds the public figure of demand, also had investigated many painter, they do not understand water lacquer, a lot of people know this product can replace paint far from. A personage inside course of study says ” so.
Below the big environment of national policy, the trend of lacquer of industry of ability in swimming is clear with each passing day, a lot of clients call the function that seeks advice from lacquer of industry of our ability in swimming and technological process ceaselessly, for energy-saving the enterprise that decreases a big trend to buy sheet is increasing, include: The domain such as equipment of fittings of hardware of dynamoelectric bike manufacturer, lock, car a replacement, Electromechanical all has in gradually coating of apt ability in swimming, we believe to be in before long regular meeting whole nation popularizes market of coating of ability in swimming in the future.

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