Jinhua sampling disposable plastic cup load performance of the unqualified products

Automobil plastic net news: yesterday, the reporter learns from jinhua city pledges inspect bureau, "you let me check" menu of some product categories, based on prior to carry out special supervision and spot check, the test results has been released.It is understood that the city pledges inspect bureau implements food-related products production license management for the city carried out special supervision and spot check, check the products are mainly involved in disposable plastic cups, tableware detergent, pressure cooker, food related products such as selectived examination the citywide except (yiwu) 84 production enterprises of 84 batches of products."The spot check, according to the results of 80 batches of qualified batch percent of pass is 95.2%."City pledges inspect bureau ZhangMin JiZhaChu products supervision staff said, in 4 batch product is unqualified, three batches are disposable plastic cups, unqualified items are bearing heavy burdens when they are substandard performance.ZhangMin said, disposable plastic cup product load performance, simply is the product of its own weight, this one is unqualified, to appear on the main reason is the enterprise in order to reduce the production cost, cut corners in the production.Another unqualified batch products for aluminum pressure cooker, pressure limiting valve pressure value of its component programs permanently marked with the pot body tags do not match the pressure value in the products.By sampling, zhejiang industrial co., LTD., 80 companies, such as for qualified, unqualified announcements, such as the above-mentioned enterprises and products list.Enterprise name product name wuyi specifications production date non-conformance to happy plastic straw factory pp plastic cup 200 ml 2014.12.23 load-bearing performance, zhejiang fangyuan plastic co., LTD., disposable plastic cup 200 ml 2014.12.23 load-bearing performance jinhua wu city mastercard disposable plastic cup 200 ml 2014.11 load-bearing performance plastic products factory responsible editor: Ye Dan

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