Jiangsu province pledges inspect bureau released food plastic packaging quality analysis report

Automobil plastic net news: jiangsu province pledges inspect bureau yesterday issued a plastic wrap, bags, disposable plastic cups, disposable plastic bowl and food plastic packaging products quality supervision and spot checks, risk monitoring analysis report, report, PE cling film, plastic bag in direct contact with grease food, or when heated to high temperature will reduce the use of security.Look at a set of experimental contrast test had no effect on the high temperature and low temperature water baggie or plastic wrap, when in contact with water (neutral) in low temperature freezing and high temperature under the condition of microwave, evaporation residue did not increase compared with standard conditions.Be responsible for the detection of suzhou inspection li-xia liu said, director of the material inspection room, evaporation residue refers to food contact materials in water, vinegar, simulation condition such as wine, simulated oil after soaking, the soaking liquid boil away all is not the amount of volatile substances, residue into the human body is bad for health.Residue also will directly affect food color, aroma, taste and other edible quality.Experiment 2 with acidic foods don't contact with 4% acetic acid, heated to high temperature under the condition of low temperature freezing evaporation residue standard conditions and under the condition of high temperature and microwave, evaporation residue value slightly increases, and the residue in clear white material, by micro infrared spectrometer analysis, the white residue is PE samples of the dispersant, antioxidant and other additives, these substances harmful if absorbed by the body and useless.Contrast test three pack grease food dissolution content increase and n-hexane soaking liquid (simulated fat foods) contact, sample evaporation residue under the condition of two kinds of environment have increased significantly compared with the standard conditions.As can be seen through the experiment, PE cling film, plastic bag if direct contact with grease food, whether it's at room temperature for a long time contact, refrigerate or freeze in the refrigerator storage, or in the microwave heating, plastic wrap, bags, the dissolution of content will increase obviously, so it can be seen that in direct contact with grease food, or when heated to high temperature, will reduce the PE cling film and bags, the use of security.Suggest that PE cling film, plastic bag should avoid direct contact with grease food, nor with the food in the microwave.Look at the two problem cling film thick or thin, good?Different food for different thickness of plastic wrap in plastic bag, plastic wrap of choose and buy, often can see the outer packing, which is labeled "upset" or "upset" and other words, cling film, plastic bag is thick or thin?Li-xia liu said that the water vapor transmittance and oxygen transmittance is important measure of cling film quality is good or bad, in this case the choice of the same material (PE), different thickness of plastic wrap product moisture permeability, air performance testing, test results show that with the increase of film thickness, water vapor and oxygen through transmittance are present a downward trend.Thus it can be seen that film is not as thick as possible, because the plastic wrap to keep moisture volatilizes not, not only let the inside of the carbon dioxide can go out, outside of the oxygen can come in, like masks, if it is too thick, people can't breathe.But the cling film, plastic bag is too thin and easy to damage, rupture, reach the purpose of keeping fresh.Plastic wrap is too thin too thick, therefore, is not good, qualified cling film permeability is strong, not only internal and external oxygen can communicate, effectively prevent anaerobic bacteria breeding, and can keep moisture volatilizes not, in a certain period of time, can keep food fresh.In addition, different food according to its own characteristics, suitable for the cling film thickness is different, different thickness of film has been studied on the influence of Chinese wolfberry fruit quality, think 0.05 mm thick film 4 ℃ storage at low temperature the effect of wolfberry fruit best.Li-xia liu suggested citizen, fruits and vegetables with thickness of 0.01 mm thick film is more appropriate, for the steamed dumpling snack foods, thick plastic bag is more suitable for some.Wrap the fridge food is ok for you?Meat is best not to use plastic wrap packaging is stored in daily life, we often used to use all kinds of meat, fruits and vegetables such as wrap package wrapped in the refrigerator, but the fact is not all food is fit for using plastic wrap.Plastic wrap different influence on different kinds of fruits and vegetables, water is suitable for fruits and vegetables with plastic wrap, such as apples, pears, tomatoes, rape, chives, etc., can not only fresh for a long time, also can add some of the nutrients.But carrots, beans, cucumber wrapped in plastic wrap and storage after a day and a night, vitamins C erosion is serious.Cooked food, hot food, greasy food, especially meat, had better not use plastic wrap packing storage, because these foods after contact with plastic wrap, it's easy to make the material contained in the material, dissolve into food, bad for your health.S special remind bags, 100 marked the measured only 50 also in the detection of cling film, the thickness of the plastic bag, length or number of the diagnostic examination, has not been found all products thickness, plastic wrap some logo length value products, some of the net weight, some 100 type, 100 type, has nothing to do with the length and thickness of parameters, such as easy to mislead consumers, what others don't.In selectiving examination 80 batches of cling film, plastic bag, there are 13 batches "doesn't" phenomenon, accounting for 16% of the plastic wrap, bags total batch, including jiangyin xinqiao HuaShun plastic products factory production of tin fresh "bags" beauty, 100 mark, actually is only 50.Li-xia liu warns customer, when buying the product need to form the good habit of look at the product information, general plastic wrap, bags, and disposable plastic bowl, plastic cups are marked on the product packaging material using temperature range, and matters needing attention, shelf life, etc., consumer can need according to oneself to choose and buy, when using, also should follow the instructions and warnings on the packaging, not abuse.Editor: LuoKaiJiang

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