In city board type furniture designs low income youth pre-test

The design carries out Practice 6. The bookshelf designs 7-9. Be out of shape kitchen island 10. "? The bamboo austral port? author plum 12. "? The deer corrupts Mi casts A of Na of bastinado of fade of instrument of elder brother of border of to fold bank to good outskirt waiting till bows with hands clasped to regret of rarely of Chen Jin of Jiao of Tai of Gu bail shoot a glance at to be able to bear or endure over sixty years of age of A of Na of bastinado of fade of instrument of elder brother of border of ü  miscellaneous to joke says Tou of  of Shen of cloud of  of school of greedy for food of Na Zhao Yun thorn  , the specific design that sums up this one group to be designed to board type furniture appeals to beg, its summary is low price, super- high capacity, space is patulous, multinomial function, reasonable be out of shape, move easily, undertook carrying out to research through the design.
As some closer year come to China rapid development of the city, more and more kid choose countrywide each district to develop to the job in big city, settle settles down. The student that this one group is strong finish school normally or have a job before long duty field new personality, face finite income and high urban house price, a lot of kid already became city stage by stage as a result of enormous life pressure medium in low income group.
Furniture is Ju Jiasheng's vivid necessary article, relatively at conventional furniture, board type furniture because its price the first selection type that the characteristic such as diversity of cheap, colour is a youth all the time. Some closer year come, face huge market demand, manufacturer of furniture of a lot of board type also aimed at youth market to roll out corresponding product, relevant production chain is more mature already also, and discover through survey author, at present the furniture of a lot of board type on the market still exists particular problem, can not satisfy the requirement of group of low income youth in the city completely, the article made analysis of a few designs and practice exploration at this point.
One, crowd of low income youth lives in city condition and environmental analysis are visited through the market, after street questionnaire and the survey that join a variety of forms such as an interview, fixed position of crowd of low income youth is in article general city: In large and medium-sized the life in the city works, be crossed higher education, under the average level that income is in place city or keep balance relatively, the age is in 20-35 year old right-and-left kid. The life of this one group has the following characteristic roughly: Economy is relatively short of money. Because just graduate,have a job, most kid income is inferior, be like,buying furniture when big such article more accept relatively good in quality and cheap in price product.
Living space " the function is compound " as a result of some closer year come of house price climb again and again litre, small family of the choice when a lot of youths are buying housing, also favor when furniture of choose and buy at receiving an amount big and cover an area of the furniture with small area; In demand changeless circumstance falls, a room perhaps can overlap the many area such as life division, work area, entertainment division, and with its the furniture of form a complete set also should be below the circumstance that makes sure bulk is changeless as far as possible add the function through be being designed reasonably, can save a space effectively.
For the ab extra kid of money of house of high specified number of faint burden city, renting a house is a kind of very common phenomenon. And such a kind " transitional " choice not only the possibility that let change along with the job and moves is increased, also mean lodger to live to hiring inside house of the space can accuse a gender to reduce. Accordingly, furniture design also should notice as far as possible incorrect and existing environment has had be transformed greatly or destroy, like permanent change building construction, wait in the stiletto on the wall.
From " traditional family " to " close hire live "
change. Because chummage price is higher, a lot of this year's graduateses cannot rent housing house independently and must choose to close hire, closing the boy or girl friend that hire may be classmate, friend or colleague, also be stranger likely, the traditional living pattern that is an unit with the family already was changed, those who replace is new-style " close hire living pattern " the city such as Beijing, Shanghai already promulgated relevant law to stipulate average per capita is the smallest in recent years living space and room live at most number. Below the premise that accords with a regulation, communal space and article still need to notice close sex of security and illicit in what share, stylist also answer mature such surroundings, in wanting to be designed in furniture of common kitchen, toilet especially somewhat 2, having design of board type furniture to analyse common board type furniture to the adaptability of low income kid in city is to point to with all sorts of man-made board for base material, pass machining and make part of board type construction, and in order to join a furniture that be united in wedlock and becomes. Board type furniture is not in recent years by the favour of young accidental, wait for material at the real wood with conventional commonly used furniture relatively, plank has the price cheap, assemble simple, carry convenient, colour the characteristic such as environmental protection of changeful, green, and the main demand that these characteristics also are according with a youth.
1. Existence problem analysis is passed sell visit the author to discover, brand of market of board type furniture is numerous, but also put in a few problems, for example: The style is too machine-made. Brand of furniture of a lot of board type borroweds each other serious, arrive from the style colour, arrive from exterior adornment internal composition, very difficult resolution gives brand characteristic, this goes against the long-term construction of the brand not only, also meet the young person that prediction of a person's luck in a given year seeks individual character partly consumer, still need to take a design seriously to innovate more, in order to carry the market competition ability of Dou product.
Unsuited disassemble for many times assemble. Living opposite provisionality causes the problem that moves to often need to face for a lot of youths, although assemble,have board type furniture simple, but its can be affected mostly however after if big such furniture is in chest to disassemble through two above,be being assembled structural stability and each component life, because this needs stylist,reach join to means of furniture construction, join have more reasonable design.
Environmental suitability is poorer. To the youth of a few lives that rent a house, every change a living place to mean the change of building pattern, and at present board type furniture applies to market great majority only very limited distribution, alterable and epicene small, need to make the consideration of more likelihood to the environmental suitability of furniture product.
3, design element analysis and the research that design practice to pass above to reach market product to have a problem to the group characteristic of low income kid in city, living environment, the attention needs when article summary gives a few designs " " can generalize for: Low price, super- high capacity, space is patulous, multinomial function, reasonable be out of shape, move easily.
Low price. The price is the main factor of the consideration when a lot of kid buy furniture, the design is in assure quality while also should control cost strictly. In have both while exterior is beautiful, reduce needless adornment; Note material and the alternative that machine craft: Choose the common board with relatively low price as far as possible for example, still can match material of other and common knitted fabric, sponge, paper; In addition, also answer to choose simpler technology as far as possible on treatment, comply with material characteristic and should not do it painstakingly. Cut into parts like what plank suits chunk face cut use and rather than narrow small piece joining together is propped up, undertake on old plane adornment, sculpture designs and rather than to be machined too much in side as far as possible, tenon the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches is not applied to when join, and multi-purpose hardware join.
Exceed high capacity. As a result of living space normally finite, and necessary commodity is not little however, so of furniture it is very important to young to receive a function, the capacity is very economic crucial essential factor greatly.
The space is patulous. Furniture can consider below the circumstance with the finite area inside the room up, develop to periphery, rely on indoor wall body to undertake designing.
Be like - 6 in bookshelf design made full use of wall and corner space, cent is big frame and small frame two parts, runner shaft structure is designed among, big frame flank is horizontal board but fold, make small frame incorporates completely among them, can rely on wall angle according to place 360 degrees of roll.
Reasonable be out of shape. Of furniture " be out of shape " mean but the limitation of the personalized demand of the person that the basis is used and different ambient conditions, wait for means to change existing configuration, function, use means to wait reasonably through arranging combination, fold to open. Specific can be out of shape through furniture oneself design or " modular " the means such as combination comes true. The author ever designed " be out of shape kitchen island " be like - 9, apply to especially add up to the kid that hire. Design cent is two unit matrix unit and child body is unit. The common use share when unit of the mother's body is hired to close, it is to secure the facility in the kitchen, include hearth, pool, smoke lampblack machine and basic mesa. In make more complex dish, lampblack more or when waiting, conflagration cooking is used; Child system unit is portable part, hire a guest to be able to be bought by oneself, also can buy by house-owner rent lodger, the amount inspects an environment and decide. The person that use can be in him room or other room is used boil, evaporate, stew wait for the kind with small lampblack to make simple meal. Child body part is used modular design, can adjust in-house tray Dou according to demand low, random assembles commonly used appliance, include: Small-power adds hot electric equipment quickly, pressure cooker of Bao of the meal that be like report, report; Tableware; Cooking utensils; Ark of freezer, deposit; In addition, flank still was designed can close add up to teapoy, but at any time from child pull in body as eat platform to use.
Multinomial function. In the environment that overlaps in the function, the specific function of a lot of furniture already was blurred gradually, one content is much can, one content is multi-purpose already became a youth relatively the design element of favour, if bed and sofa combination, desk and dining table jackknife, seat and cabinet are amalgamative,wait, catering to a youth to go after the psychological demand of original design. 0 medium designs the name is " static close " the style is concise and pure, strive seeks quiet, moderate interest in eastwardly traditional culture, basically use plank and knitting data. "Close " the meaning that the word is combination, meaning using finite data in finite dimensional lieutenant general the multinomial function of commonly used furniture undertakes conformity. Intermediate brunet flashboard goes all out simple article is placed as small tea table when be being inserted on seat, after opening, can go all out alone insert combination to make a shelf, fender of seat of both sides light color criterion but side turns over joining together to become one old tea table, cushion also can take out on the ground and sit, the user can use different function according to demand.
Move easily. Moving is the issue that a lot of kid need to face, furniture serves as big product, go to the lavatory to move or be carried can bring to the person that use tremendous and convenient, the following can notice when the design: 1. Furniture of will large volume undertakes fractionation is combined, change numerous for brief, greaten for small; 2. If the detail such as wheel, handle is designed,increase in crucial position; 3. Reduce needless material, or local use other light qualitative data, material of the material that be like paper, knitting replace; 4. Make through reasonable design furniture but fold, receive or conceal, make facilitate carry. For example the design in 1-12, the name is " chest is being carried go " the design used nostalgic style restoring ancient ways, with city young woman is target group, the tradition is great and will cumbersome chest turns into light and cabinet " case " the epigenesis that prop up is to be able to hang the garment already but of air garment " chest " stainless steel bracket can adjust according to different need Dou is spent, drape rises to decorate action not only, also enhanced the illicit close sex of chest, when moving, can disassemble its be put into casing or separate package clothings.
Inspiration of the design in 3-16 originates of Chinese tradition " bookcase " " bookcase " can leave can close, the user when opening can sit in " bookcase " be pleasant to the eye book, book criterion but the cloth that conveniently puts in two side makes a bookshelf go up, build the little space that gives an opposite independence reads brand-newly with a kind condition; Because a few book that reads daily is placed on the bookshelf, weight is lighter, after closing can the hand grasps upper part handle to carry a shift to carry directly, the operation goes to the lavatory simply.
The main job that epilogue furniture designs solves some of element to undertake, do one's best is creation of the person that use to give reasonable and comfortable surroundings below finite condition. Amount of crowd of low income youth is numerous in city, tremendous to quantity of furniture product requirement, need gets the attention of more furniture stylist and manufacturer, should have thorough research to their demand especially, throw more designs to develop power, the life that gives this one weak force the group through the design adds more bright color.
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