Ningxia intercepted outside the fetus gender testing reagent for the first time

Outside the original title: ningxia first intercept fetal sexing reagent addition to yinchuan, July 3 (Reuters) - yu rosita lee) on July 3, the reporter learns from the customs in yinchuan, yinchuan customs has intercepted in the inbound express items 1 batches, 2 box of the gender of a fetus from dubai detection kit.It is understood that this is the first time international express centre in ningxia intercept such special items.On the same day, yinchuan customs in heald protect area agency on entry express data, examination of documents of a batch of from dubai to declare the goods for the wording "the test paper for men and women" express attracted the attention of the field staff, staff to monitor the system.Check by live open packet inspection, express for fetal sex Intelligender test reagent kit 2 set (with needle, plastic cups, test reaction tube a and instructions, carton packaging).Instruction can claim in early pregnancy (5 week to 10 weeks), through the urine of pregnant women in a few minutes fast identification of fetus gender.According to the law of the People's Republic of China on population and family planning law "the regulation on administration of entry and exit health quarantine on special goods" to identify the gender of a fetus without medical needs and the regulation of sex selection artificial termination "and other relevant laws and regulations, without medical needs to identify illegal fetus gender, fetal sexing kit to the entry and exit special goods, without approval shall not be from entering the country.It is reported, yinchuan customs has disposal of the batch of goods in accordance with the law.(after)

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