Plastic packaging plastic equipment to thrive

Automobil plastic cups news: social progress is still short of little not plastic products in the application of the life.From the large mechanical equipment, household appliances to small to plastic bottles, plastic cups.The ubiquitous plastic products have become a part of our lives.Plastic bottles as one of the biggest selling plastic products production, the requirements of the supply and demand along with society's progress and gradually improved.Plastic bottles are widely used in cosmetics, materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, health care products and so on industries.It is hard to imagine, if the lack of the plastic bottles, packaging world how to use other packing instead.At present, the domestic for plastic molding equipment is relatively single, cannot satisfy the requirement by plastic bottles of high efficiency, environmental protection and the requirement of intelligent.New efficient plastic equipment are quoted on the market abroad, domestic productivity lags behind to a certain extent influence the exertion plastic industry's rapid expansion.Plastic equipment should be according to the growing demand of plastic bottles, efforts to develop research, with plastic bottles as an opportunity to expand the development of plastic equipment.Editor: XiaoPeng mobile client download 】 【 automobil information

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