Herd first of porcelain of pilfer billows good desk of Lu of admire of ability of divinatory symbols?

Education system mixes ability to detect completely system, already developed paper flower color at present more than kinds 2000, door plank style more than 4000, accumulative total obtains national patent 24, company of new and high technology and Shandong save famous label to be being declared actively in. All products all passed IS9001: Attestation of system of 2008 quality management, FSC forest attestation and American CARB attestation, built include storage, declare at customs, the content of a series of whole set such as land transportation sheds service system, product sale in domestic market visits town 16 times, 71 countries mix export area.
The company is held to " casting hundred years east Yu Hongxiang draw lives in the life colorfully " wish scene, invite sincerely social all circles to have keep in mind, have knowledge, have ability person join in, and client of earnestly and place of scientific research courtyard, powerful group, merchant together, conspire to develop great undertaking, realize mutual benefit win-win. S address: Shandong birthday smooth city east street of Fuji of city industry garden edits president of I Zhou Yuan 678 numbers Sun Guanjun of Sun Guanjun brief introduction, shandong Shou Guangren, make from the workshop jockey of basic level, the Dong Yuhong to now circle in the air president post, do poineering work to bold ground from advanced business management concept practice, from 2010 up to now 4 years short, in Chinese birthday light the legend that household wood job created on this fertile soil. Sun Dong thing grows to pay attention to employee to foster particularly, be good at choose and employ persons, establish actively inside the enterprise business school, with college combination, not hesitate gigantic endowment introduce a skilled personnel, walk along scientific research to start the journey of look forward to, jiang Dongyu Hong Xiang is pushed to a brand-new platform. At present east Yu Hongxiang has moved toward an international market, successful open up China is exclusive the channel of business of production of catenary of entire industry of data of board type furniture. Sun Dong thing grows to be awarded Wei lane city early or late " outstanding civilian battalion entrepreneur " , Shou Guang city " enrich the people begin life " the honorary title such as labor medal.

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