A one-off environmental protection plastic cup for 2 seconds to shape

Automobil plastic net news: reporter will burn a PSM material plastic cups, found that plastic bags into a fine white powder, combustion process without peculiar smell smoke, pungent smell not rather mild, later learned that this is the flavor of the plant starch.And ordinary plastic combustion residue after there will be a black nodular particles.Under the guidance of our staff, the reporter comes to plastic products production workshop, the workers "plug" into a room of about 1 square meters.Suddenly released six round hole on the side wall at the same time the wind, blowing the body to the reporter, about half a minute later, the door is opened.Staff said it was "air shower", must first after the room dust before entering the workshop.Into the workshop, did not smell smelly, more typical of plastic products factory as a stuffy.In front of a machine, the reporter sees an area of about 2 square meters of white plastic sheet "vomit" from the machine, after mold will press plate, a dozen plastic plate forming, the whole process took only five seconds.But another machine, mould plastic sheet press into the cup shape, plastic cup also constantly "jumped" out of the machine, every 4 cups for a group of about 2 seconds can shape.Starch modification, is to plant starch was modified into in order to achieve the key to fully biodegradable plastic materials, is the core of luxuriant green technology.Under the repeated request, luxuriant green finally agreed to press into the starch modified workshop.Reporters were taken to a huge room first, the room is not bright, be full of all kinds of pipe and equipment.Walk, occasionally have to lower the head to bypass pipe, also want to watch your step, to avoid the stumble to piping or equipment.President Zhang Libin introduction, this room is actually a total of up and down three floors, each floor of about 400 square meters, is not so much a huge equipment, as a combination of various devices.Next to the room, with a small glass, between the central control room, control all machine running.A machine near the wall surface of a variety of colors light flashing, made from the raw material into the final PSM material, intermediate after more than 60 working procedure, because of the technical secret, all programs are closed.Editor: WeiQiaoQin

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