Cheap plastic cup hot breakfast Safety concern

Automobil plastic net news: vendor using the plastic cups serving breakfast stand hot soya-bean milk and porridge sold to the guests, the scene in the city streets.Reporter visited yesterday found that a lot of vendor in the wholesale market to buy cheap plastic cup for cup for breakfast.The breakfast cup under the action of high temperature becomes very soft, sometimes send out a pungent smell.In order to verify the security of the breakfast cup, reporter has chosen some samples for inspection.A vendor and a half hours to sell more than 40 cup breakfast citizens ms Yang told reporters that she usually stands in the way of breakfast in the morning to buy a cup of millet congee or soybean milk to eat.Found a purchase at the breakfast, porridge in plastic cup under the influence of food temperature, serious deformation, was very worried about the plastic cup can release harmful to human body material.Near the friendly square yesterday, reporters noted that a stall in advance the millet gruel, red bean porridge and soybean milk in plastic cups, and then put in heat preservation box, it can be sold to passersby in a hurry to work at any time.Half an hour, the vendor sold in a wooden case, more than 40.According to vendor, traffic, more than 100 copies a day cup of porridge for breakfast.In another soya-bean milk shop, the reporter sees, shopkeepers are hot soya-bean milk into a plastic cup, and then with hot sealed plastic film, plastic cup under the action of the high temperature of soya-bean milk become very soft.The shopkeeper said, these disposable plastic cup is convenient to use, cheap, can buy in wholesale market.Disposable plastic cups a sell five cents yesterday, the reporter saw a large wholesale market in the city, there are many stores wholesale all kinds of disposable plastic lunch boxes.To further determine whether these disposable tableware qualified, yesterday, the reporter put back from breakfast stalls and wholesale market of disposable plastic cup samples sent to dalian xigang district center for disease control and prevention inspection monitoring center for food safety risk assessment, add in tableware, ethyl benzene, vinyl chloride monomer styrene and acrylonitrile material for testing.At present, the testing is still in progress, the reporters will track reported test results.Related: "corn cup" on sales price is three times higher than plastic cup for 40 years his marital break "Asian plastic cup king" divorce relief after heated hot plastic cup will release the styrene monomer cause cancer?Network spread 6 plastic lid toxic really when it is heated?Experts: hot plastic lid poison carcinogenic no scientific conclusion editor: Wang Huiying mobile client download 】 【 automobil information

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