Automobil school: PC\/PP plastic cups should how to choose?

Automobil plastic net news: as the weather gets warmer, more and more people joined the wave of exercise, then an appropriate sports water bottle is particularly necessary.Plastic cup because its changeful modelling, the bright color, not afraid of break characteristic, by many people, especially among activists.But, at present people's drinking cup used in the daily life of health and safety issues have been ignored, even there is a misunderstanding, so, in the face of wide variety of brands and types, choose what kind of glass?In the face of the market of PC and PP material of glass, what a safer?How to choose A plastic cup PC polycarbonate, is one of the most common plastic, the material itself is nontoxic, especially used in the manufacture of bottles, space cup, etc., more controversial because of containing bpa.In theory, as long as in the process of making PC bisphenol A one hundred percent into plastic structure, then said products without bisphenol A, also becomes no threat to the health.Only, if there is A small amount of bisphenol A is not converted into PC plastic structure, which may be released into the food or drink, the threat to users, especially the teenagers' health and safety.PP is the abbreviation of polypropylene, it has good heat resistance, products can be in more than 100 ℃ temperature disinfection sterilization, under the condition of not affected by external forces, 150 ℃ not deformation, also is one of the most common microwave oven with plastic.But careful investigation found that the PC material products on the market are often more expensive than PP material products sell, customers tend to run with the concept of "quality, the better the more expensive" to select, but the price difference because the price of one ton of PC on the market at present is far higher than the price of one ton of PP.Compared two kinds of materials, the wear resistance of PP than PCS less, so in the production of transparent glass, generally USES PC as materials, PC products are more beautiful than PP products.But from a security perspective, the PP plastic manufacture of processing temperature of 180 ~ 180 ℃, so the water won't put it down, so the PP is more secure than PCS.PC water bottle filled with boiling water will have harm?The bottom number is 7 cups is to use made of polycarbonate, namely the PC.General PC material plastic cup can - 30-140 ℃ temperature resistance, but this is the physical properties of the material, just say the material in this use is not crack, melting temperature.But when we set off from the perspective of food safety will find that with the higher the temperature, the residual bisphenol A in PC will release A quantity to the more, and the faster the speed.So the PC is health risk because it will release bisphenol A, when high temperature so that the smell of bisphenol A (bpa) exactly is who?Bisphenol A (BPA) in industry is often used to synthesis of PC material and epoxy resin, etc.In modern industry, bisphenol A are everywhere, from water bottles, medical equipment to food packaging inside, has its shadow.Every year, the world will produce nearly 27 million tons of plastic containing bpa.Although its industrial use is very big, but also A big to the harm of people, according to research bisphenol A can lead to endocrine disorders, may even cause cancer and metabolic disorders caused by obesity.The eu reckons that contain bpa bottles will induce precocious puberty, since March 2, 2011, banning the production of baby bottles containing bisphenol A chemical.So, had better not use the PC material under conditions allowing the cup of hot water, more do not placed in the microwave heating.Inspection and quarantine departments advice to consumers: 1. When buy plastic cups, reading the instructions carefully, and comply with the instructions to use.2. Don't use the dishwasher, the bowl of dryer clean water.If it is found that there is any breakage or deformation, had better not use, because plastic products surface if slightly grooved, bacteria easy to hide.3. Some cups are colored, this means that in the process of plastic processing is joined the color masterbatch, suggested this cup use less as far as possible.4. When using PC material products not heating, not in direct sunlight.Unless the instructions are on the packaging can be placed in the microwave to join, otherwise don't use the microwave.Some of the plastic cup cup body and the lid of the cup is different plastic material products, consumers need to pay attention to when using.Editor: Li Dongpeng

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