Modified lumber is used at the tectonic feature of real wood furniture and innovation design

The tectonic feature that lumber of modified of the project that pack uses at real wood furniture and innovation design Yang Ziqian, wu Zhihui (Nanjing forestry university, nanjing 210037) design two respects to undertake an analysis, the dimension computation that the intensity that discusses the joint means before structural design undertakes, typical joint way compares right, component and design, discuss the furniture design that has traditional image with contemporary design gimmick. Conclusion uses modified wood in the design of furniture, is not the technical element that copies furniture of wood of commonly used fact, need reconsiders modified lumber the each attribute influence to furniture joint intensity, on this foundation, the design that lets furniture of modified lumber real wood has traditional culture flavor more, expectation casts off easy to read and understand symbolism and to the design of deeper administrative levels the technology undertakes understand and be exploringed.
The Chinese is very deep to the affection of lumber, the wood in the five elements belongs to east, it is the source of all life, the Chinese makes building, furniture with lumber, with person of moral character analogy; When daughter of Changjiang Delta someone is born, plant in the courtyard sweet camphor of one individual plant, when waiting for a daughter to get married, two cases put make it of stump of family general tree into silk, name " both sides stay together " . In Tang Song legend, li Jing is encountered at the beginning of Gong Fu daughter, give birth to the heart of adore suddenly, write down " filar trailing plants nots merely unripe, wish to hold arbor in the palm " from analyse true feelings. Chinese the ancients lives in wood in the building, house go up in wooden furniture, toward after be born, place in wooden coffin, hold lifetime in the palm Yu Qiao wood. The Chinese is right lumber especially the affection of hardwood continues up to now, artificial fast the occurrence of raw material from go up at all changed people the direct sense to lumber and experience. Be opposite through a series of modified technologies fast unripe forest undertakes physics, chemical processing, make originally material is qualitative loose easy craze is out of shape and not anticorrosive fast unripe forest material, cast off drying shrinkage wet stability of puffy, dimension is poor, changeful color, do not be able to bear or endure corrupt, not the blemish such as wear-resisting, gift at the same time the result foundation project with certain and special lumber: Jiangsu saves innovation of scientific research of average college graduate student to plan a project (KYLX895) ; Jiangsu saves forestry project of 3 new projects (LYSX4) newsletter writer: Wu Zhihui (1963 ―) , male, jiangsu person, adviser of professor of Nanjing forestry college, doctoral student, the education that basically pursues furniture design and engineering field and grind can, the demand that this can expand continuously to satisfying socioeconomy and industry has active sense. However what lumber modified technology needs to solve is: Human psychology layer faces the impressions of modified lumber. How to make resonance arises between modified lumber and person through the design, make people can be agreed with and be willing to try the real wood furniture that makes with modified lumber, it is the task that need is faced and solves.
Furniture of real wood of 1 modified lumber develops the current situation 1.1 home fast current situation of development of modified of unripe forest material is current, foreign main lumber outputs a country to had restricted log to export, and the natural resources of high grade forest of our country decreases with each passing day, the country has come on stage " expand in the round natural forest protection carries out limits, stop in the round natural forest commerciality cuts " this one major step, this will supply generation to the lumber of the industry bigger impact, bring about our country high grade lumber of old way class is in short supply badly, instantly should dig resource of artificial forest material adequately. Poplar is versed in as our country's important fast stranger Lin Shu is planted, because its are loose light soft, changeful body and the natural talent that decorate sexual difference are qualitative, apply harder in the production of the product of high additional cost such as real wood furniture. In recent years, to the research of technology of Yang Mu modified, rose effectively fast the material quality performance of unripe Yang Mu, can replace commonly used broad Xie Cai partly use, defeat the difficult problem that solved natural lumber resource scarcity. The research of lumber modified only then at 20 centuries 30 time, can divide the active modified that changes lumber chemistry to pass and the passive modified that did not change lumber chemistry to wait. The classification of lumber modified method sees a table 1. Express the classification of method of 1 lumber modified, modified of hot modified of means of modified of modified of combination of modified of active modified passivity, chemical modified macerate presses close modified change closely apply technical heat treatment, acetyl to change tune of wall of cell of antrum of cell of organic matter macerate, mineral macerate, cell with antrum of wall of cell of face of cliff of cell of area of hot modified action, cell, it is to show the overheat steam that uses 160t~230 undertakes be heatinged up for long solving handling gotten timber to lumber, its dimension stability is tall, color inside and outside is consistent, moistureproof sex is strong, be able to bear or endure corrupt and be able to bear or endure await function taller, environmental protection is safe, save easily. But the heighten as heat treatment temperature, can make the color of lumber becomes deep gradually, accordingly, to the different heat treatment that handles craft and different wood, its use situation is different also. According to need, can use at the outdoors furniture outdoor or wood, also can use at door of indoor furniture, wallboard, floor, wood or bathroom toilet furniture to wait.
12 acetyl change modified acetyl to change modified is to pass acetyl agent to undertake handling to lumber. Acetyl changes lumber to have stability all, be able to bear or endure corrupt, heat extends a gender low good point.
Because acetyl influences lumber cost taller, basically use at making product of high additional cost. Research makes clear: Yang Mu artificial fast after unripe forest material changes processing through acetyl, of lumber thermoplastic rise, dimension stability increases, paint film adds exert oneself not to have marked change, but agglutination intensity drops somewhat, because this suggests to change lumber to undertake compression handling further to acetyl, in order to promote its the property such as density and exterior hardness, satisfy furniture, especially hutch defends the requirement that uses furniture data.
Modified of macerate of 13 macerate modified is one of modified methods with relatively mature industrialization, the research that is in our country starts earlier. The dimension stability of macerate wood is good, hardness increases relatively, through different resinous macerate can get the function of degree is improved differring, but the problem that if use wood of macerate of Niao aldehyde colophony,meeting existence such as releases formaldehyde to pollute an environment. In recent years, indoors outside industrialization of modified of the lumber in furniture and timbering is relatively successful is branny base change modified. Sugar alcohol is resource of a kind of reproducible, if candy aldehyde is obtained in maize cob,can give birth to corporeal litter from hydrolysis, thereby preparation gives sugar alcohol, and the main raw material that sugar alcohol is agent of young member macerate, handle wood with macerate agent, the solidify of candy mellow mixed liquor that makes lumber cell wall medium, adjust later the moisture content in lumber, ' of the treatment after undertaking milling wait is taller rate is high branny base the lumber that change can obtain very big material character to promote: The corrosion resistance with qualitative material and dimension stability increase apparently, material pledges hardness increases apparently, bending strength, compressive strength has quantity of model of the flexibility that defy a turn and horizontal grain increase. Branny base the development bottleneck that change depends on, its installation cost is inferior, but finished cost and treatment are sophisticated rate is higher, apply in Europe and United States at present relatively extensive. Besides, our country lumber machines an industry to had begun to try to undertake to Yang Mu with inorganic chemistry material macerate is handled, can raise material sex already, also do not produce pollution.
The macerate modified capable person with the single excel of modified lumber function of macerate and union of photograph of hot modified processing or material of heat treatment modified, but, below the premise that already achieved the home to have local component or integral strength demand, not was necessary to be accomplished to the structural function of modified material to the queen's taste, cause needless cost to expend.
14 after compressing modified to use specific means to make lumber bate or model are changed, through heating pressurization processing can make those who get high density, high strenth compress lumber. This kind of material is qualitative all, content changes the stuff with good performance to be able to replace common horniness wood not only, can achieve high-grade broadleaf even the effect of material. In addition, of lumber press the method that be changed closely and heats up modified to combine modified economic value is higher, apply to the modified of ability of fast stranger industry, the course combines modified course, the exterior thickness amplitude of material is bigger, with gas dry material photograph is compared, its bending strength, compressive strength has quantity of model of the flexibility that defy a turn and horizontal grain increase. The analysis that through be versed in to fast stranger material utility is like floor of furniture of furniture of indoor fact wood, outdoor real wood, real wood to wait, adjust reasonable lumber compressibility, in order to reduce volume loss, reduce volatile organic content discharge, it is the key that combines modified research and direction. If Du Chao, Tu Dengyun is in the preparation of modified poplar wood, the technological process ' that improved associated modified was used first high temperature heat treatment is again close-grained change the flow that reduce, effective and evasive compress wood to be out of shape in the spring back in char process the issue with the small volume recovery that cause.
Shanghai international furniture exhibited the design current situation of furniture of real wood of 1.2 modified wood 2014 in, become a useful person to bamboo collect as home of indoor furniture design innovation first, qu Meizhan gave You Zhugang material to be made character " everythings on earth " series furniture is tasted with household act the role ofing. And modified lumber basically uses the field such as outdoors furniture and floor in home, have not apply in indoor furniture product, abroad already had to the indoor furniture products plan of modified lumber discuss precedent. Japan is cultivated have many cedar, its material is qualitative too too loose, cannot use material as furniture, fly cracking company limited is passed compress Japanese cedar, those who make is harder and durable, can use thereby such a kind fast Shengjuben is autochthonal long lumber, creation gives moonish armchair, see, and batch production, this also obtained the chair Japan is best 2014 design award.
The inspiration of machine, the design made the Ba Ersha chair that has 1.3kg only, see, midge type bomber is the Ba Ersha wood that uses mould pressing agglutination to shape, what Ba Ersha chair uses is hot wood regards the Baersha that compresses modified as chair leg and pull block, form seat surface and back of a chair to gain the stability of firm thereby by hardwood veneer, its are comfortable gender and compact sex special agree with little space is used. Ba Ersha wood is the lightest lumber on the world, grow rate is rapid, colour and lustre is shallow, having the qualitative feeling of soft warmth, but because too soft cannot bearing never use as furniture so makings.
Moonish armchair the 2 furniture construction features that decide by modified lumber character analyse Ba Ersha chair to look from the point of view that devises art, the character of material makes corresponding demiurgic technology and technology development mature, also can fashion the different modelling language that accords with material character at the same time, inherent to material character and the understanding that behave force decided the modelling capacity of stylist, as a result of modified lumber its material pledges special physics is mechanical and characteristic, and at present the joint intensity of furniture of real to modified lumber wood studies home finite, the test of node joint intensity that needs to have modified wood before entering modelling to design reachs the contrast with commonly used lumber, and the technical element that cannot copy furniture of wood of commonly used fact. The mechanical function contrast of wood of a few kinds of modified poplar and commonly used lumber sees a table 2. The Tab.2Thephysicalpropertiescomparison of mechanical function contrast that expresses a few kinds of 2 modified poplar wood and commonly used lumber fights curved flexibility to measure / MPa bending strength / modified of colophony of phenolic aldehyde of material of MPa Yang Mu poplar I3 of Yang Mu of modified of colophony of amine of Mu Sanju cyanogen gets together modified of cyanogen amine colophony poplar, after the modified of congener structure type, bending strength rises as the accretion of density, raise density to be able to improve the material performance of modified poplar wood on certain level, and density also meets those who cause cost to increase greatly too, stylist need chooses the modified lumber of proper modified technology and parameter in the light of different furniture utility, if express 2 medium 3 get together the furniture of structure of tenon the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches that I of Yang Mu of modified of cyanogen amine colophony applies to modified Yang Mu flooring and not detachable outfit, and density is a bit low 3 get together Yang Mu N can realize modified of cyanogen amine colophony young those who change a color is portable but fold furniture and furniture essay. The requirement of the different design fixed position that makes clear furniture namely and local component to modified material function, according to modified poplar wood different density level develops product system, the configuration with relatively reasonable furniture of real wood of modified poplar wood is formed on this foundation.
The furniture of structure of tenon the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches of 2.1 not detachable outfit cannot tear open the furniture of structure of tenon the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches of outfit and wooden compose building to be the same as a source, its force is propped up and be to the balance of shearing force by tenon the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches frame and Liang Zhu are conducted, furniture of real to modified wood wood, the load ability of component part, it is the strength demand to the structure to the wear of circular to load.
Macerate modified and pressure change the Yang Mu that combines modified with hot modified closely to arrange grain compressive strength is in 50MPa above, can bear the pressure of 510.2kg/cm2 above, because the life is medium,furniture won't get suddenly on perpendicular direction ab extra of tremendous strength oppressive, because this furniture is perpendicular,the dimension cardinal principle of component part asks to be dominant with the aesthetic of stylist, the numerical value of the compressive strength that arrange grain that reachs with the lab serves as.
The ministry sub-unit of furniture of real wood frame gets the pressure of direction of fiber of material of perpendicular Yu Mu namely horizontal grain pressure, compressive strength is in the horizontal grain of modified material of the compressive strength that arrange grain 30% the following, and the area of area getting power that lab computation gives produces place of medium material grain, draw materials actually without the consideration to wait for a problem, the furniture component size with because this is actual medium production is larger than lab data.
Department of union of tenon the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches is the produces shear failure the most easily place in furniture use process, highest to the performance demand of modified material: The essence of integral tenon assembles a requirement to open the stability of the modified material dimension of tenon and hardness definitely, furniture asks in the load in use process the bending strength of rabbet component material and shear strength. Furniture of contemporary west real wood is made in the union of double round tenon in tenon of more use fission replaces integral tenon, lumber has the modified that asks to make round tenon above all to be fought higher cut with bending strength, and moisture content compares furniture other part is small, next the insertion of round tenon deepness and cooperate dimension to affect combinative strength directly, polish ErzySmardzewski uses ANSYS to combine the double circle tenon of place to have shearing stress to hind leg of real wood chair and seat surface finite the round tenon that discovers upper part suffers yuan of ' in the analysis 3 times the greatest shearing stress is lower part round tenon about, if still suffer the condition of shearing stress on average to design a structure according to double round tenon, will bring about inadequacy of chair safety performance, can use the modified material with higher shear strength to upper part round tenon on one hand, also can use hardware in combinative position on the other hand have link.
2.2 portable but the investment of modified and treatment mixes the technology that fold furniture pays close attention to lumber to yield finally the balance between, besides the furniture of structure of mortise and tenon that uses high-powered modified material to make not detachable outfit, density is a bit low, hardness function slightly second modified material can use implementation young those who change a color is portable but fold furniture and furniture essay, can divide for single site fold and many bits of fold two kinds of structures.
Structure of single site fold can apply extensively at outspread furniture dimension to mix adjust in furniture angle or attitude, its fold is nodded or the equitable distribution of fold axis can enhance the functional sex of furniture not only, also can make furniture function becomes agile. Structure of many bits of fold can be structure of single site fold is cumulative, also can apply the geometrical principle of the parallelogram, realize linkage fold, locating at young the modified capable person that turns a color but in fold furniture design, the interest sex of fold structure and easy operation are the key that designs a success.
The innovation of furniture of real wood of Yang Mu of modified of 3 new Chinese style devises a type of 3.1 modified material and commonly used lumber mix in building Wang Shixiang to be admired in precious of bright type furniture, point out, lumber beauty is a beauty of bright type furniture. Modified material is different from natural lumber, how does stylist make generation resonant between modified lumber and person through work, make people can be agreed with and be willing to try the real wood furniture that modified wood makes, besides the deliberate on modelling gimmick, also can make change to modified material is applied character. Above all, in the structural design of furniture of new Chinese style, can not use modified data entirely, and use modified data in furniture intensity asks tall, easy metabolic place, be like the place such as bridge of makeup, shelf, bed. Next, the double lubricious collocation of modified material and common lumber in furniture also is the way that the design discusses, the simple sense that can abound character through stressing two kinds of ability already and skin texture, show the work of furniture of new Chinese style of vanward sex and experimental sex, what also can turn its quality of a material through losing is different, in furniture of new Chinese style emersion tradition extends dignified temperamentally.
The Bei Kesi of Michael of processing England stylist of foul line of furniture of 3.2 modified material advances integral image first principle, point out the configuration of main attribute characteristic that affects product identifying depends on the processing of foul line, the tensional spirit that foul line expresses decided product style. Bei Yuming is in the interior space structure of Qatar Mohammedan museum, the demonstrative card that not have, it is the new expression after to Mohammedan traditional structure the element undertakes foul line solves compose to decompose, the collect inside dimensional language meaning and the friendly feeling that contains arteries and veins of religious tradition article. Temperamental to having Chinese tradition furniture modelling innovation is designed, it is a foundation with configuration language meaning, from traditional element proceed with, be able to decompose the foul line outline that has modelling sense with abstraction, use its feature furniture of new Chinese style in, undertake rising in the design, not be onefold namely be aimed at configuration of certain tradition foul line, however some kind configuration of a variety of traditional foul line, cast off a fragment to change the technique that changes with label, be aimed at the hardness with modified qualitative material, undertake devising a test with configuration of hale and compact or slow diverse foul line.
Today, social culture is recalled repeatedly and the tradition that play the tradition that is the Ming Daiwen's person that lays 8 annotation to be a delegate with abide by, bright type furniture becomes one of carrier of feelings of life of civil people pastime. The abstraction that is aimed at configuration of feature of modelling of bright type furniture, derive, rise, it is preferred turn the process of interpret, among them line is proportional adjust, the definition of logistic relation, open those who close kind to state, it is opinions differ from each other, to seeing the test that compose deepness understands.
The expressive foul line of 3.3 traditional feelings is image of influence modelling whole is main and idiosyncratic, it is about the research of image in literature, artistic theory get attention fully, image thinking is behaved so that highlight particularly in the thinking in Oriental and expressive habit. On the basis that sees form, stylist will be right traditional article arteries and veins, to the manner of content, wait to the humanitarian understanding of furniture inside after changing, with current general world aesthetic produce collision with use habit, the means expression that carries the hold back inside Wen Ya comes out, show the tradition on the mental temperament that surmounts symbolism, make compatriots especially young generation is in of furniture of new to modified wood Chinese style use and in playing can fine fine savour an among them Oriental tradition. Learn Gu Zhechang, be like ancient person die, as Sun Ting, jiao Hua. Pack the current situation of the design and outlet by Chinese food. Li Jie of the labour that pack, wang Yong. Green zoology designs the application in the design that pack. Yu Dali of the labour that pack. The green below setting of low carbon economy packs the road explore analyse of development. Gui Yu of Jiangxi company Zheng. From can develop angle to talk about green to pack a design continuously. Modern trade, 2008 (8) 180 ― 181. (on turn the 13rd page) below red of Japanese building Great Master be good at say 3 times: The part that traditional element holds the position of in building a design should resemble the activator in chemical reaction, it can quicken reaction, disappear in final result however.
The duty of 4 epilogue stylist depends on leading the masses, is not merely " cater to the masses " , stylist is not to the application of modified lumber be modelled on thereby at trying to replace or imitate precious hardwood annatto furniture, depend on be being designed however can behave the innovation furniture with modified lumber idiosyncratic oneself, the new move that with the design like the poet technique changes people to pledge to modified material or do not agree with idea. Modified material is used in the practice of real wood furniture, cannot simple extensive ground replaces common lumber to duplicate with modified lumber directly structural part, devise the mechanical structure of the product and component appearance, measure according to material function only, have the mechanical function test of structure of commonly used joint, as comparative as commonly used lumber, the join way of modified wood furniture is devised on this foundation, collect ground blends in traditional image inside, with contemporary design gimmick realizes what people faces modified capable person in mental layer to approbate.

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