Mixed board type furniture " face "

Check plank tangent plane, ensure base material is close together and rich, docile of facing level off, feel is exquisite and flowing, colour and lustre is even, sealing side tight, do not remove a problem not to leak glue, without pungent odour.
162. Facing of the Qi Ban that bake bakes lacquer facing to have burnish, exquisite characteristic, also be called accordingly piano lacquer. The lacquer that bake is a kind of relatively conventional technology, use coating of import environmental protection electrostatic spray, bake entrance lacquer through 6 gush (3 bottoms, 2 face, one light) high temperature is baked make and become, paint film has good water proofing property, furniture of such the Qi Ban that bake special the area that applies to the moisture such as the kitchen is used. Advantage surface brightness is exquisite easily modelling, have very strong vision wallop, beautiful vogue and waterproof properties is admirable, it is good that empty to moisture sealing gland shuts a gender; Fight corrupt capability is strong, yi Qing manages. Opposite Yumupi is stuck face and 3 get together cyanogen amine paper, while paint film has protective furniture, also rise to decorate action.
Exterior brightness is exquisite easily modelling, have very strong vision wallop, beautiful vogue and waterproof properties is admirable, it is good that empty to moisture sealing gland shuts a gender; Fight corrupt capability is strong, yi Qing manages. Opposite Yumupi is stuck face and 3 get together cyanogen amine paper, while paint film has protective furniture, also rise to decorate action.
Art horizontal demand is high, percent defective is tall, so price house does not fall high; When using, also want to be caressed meticulously, be afraid of knock against and nick, bump function poorer; Cannot be able to bear or endure strong acid, alkali, changeful color, one but occurrence attaint is repaired very hard, want whole to change.
The lacquer that bake (common calls piano lacquer) , should observe when choose whether the surface and flank are smooth level off, lukewarm embellish glossiness is good, cannot slip with fingernail an impress, color is stable and subdued, the surface has a deep paint film. Without grain form substance, frame whether in outside going out, enter. Feel a sense smooth and exquisite, without the flaw, without bleb. The foul line of lacquer face wants clarity flat, cannot bad distribution.
The price that because its are exalted,real wood sticks real wood furniture lets many owner inaccessible although within sights, and real wood stuck a face to offset this one demand, it has the natural grain of real wood and qualitative feeling, have again closer civilian the first selection that the price lets many owner become household. Real wood sticks face furniture is the facing that sticks natural wood hide glue at base material board, its base material has the stuff such as particieboard, density board.
The surface is stickup the furniture that real wood sticks a face looks to do not have too big distinction with real wood furniture from the exterior, but opposite however petty gain is gotten on the price much. Because solid Mumupi has the tree such as camphorwood, oak and engaging peach wood to plant commonly, can plant according to the tree different colour, tree grain is passed, the design and color of mosaic elegance, its are intuitionistic the effect has adornment sex more than general real wood furniture even.
CD value is relative in board type furniture taller. Clean not easily, mutability falls in too damp harsh environment. Real wood sticks face furniture the most exquisite craft, if craft not essence of life, stick a face to fall off very easily even frothily.
Wood sticks face face to have thick feeling, muwen is clear but irregular, have natural section scar, chromatism and grain change. The docile that stick a skin, level off is horn of beautiful, edge fruity the quality that does not have aperture is better. And what wood sticks face face to have vivid red-letter day is normal, the wooden skin that furniture of a little beautiful type, Europe type will cultivate tumour to wait for natural division scar even spells surface of Tie Chengfu vicissitudinous to decorate, of course, this is quite tall to craft requirement. Because this is when the choice, choose a brand as far as possible excellent advisable.
Crystal board facing is crystal board facing is PVC actually transparent soft board, it is a kind of high grade plastic composite material, the surface is smooth, bright beautiful transparent, without break, without bleb, colour and lustre even. The base material of crystal board is used in density board or particieboard, the surface is stickup A organic glass board " (common weighs Yakeli) , ply makes an appointment with 2-3mm. Be in stickup before first spray paint, make the board case after figuration has all sorts of color change.
Gao Guang's surface can let furniture also have contemporary feeling quite.
Bright-coloured, color cleans colour and lustre diversity of rich, change, easily, have extremely strong fashionable feeling.
A does not stay wear-resisting, easily delimit a lump in the abdomen, easy heat bilges cold shrink bring about be out of shape, easy cock of range of surface layer role.
Advertent distinction wants when buying, of normative plant family expenses is Yakeli, of the plant family expenses of small mill is organic glass, if be organic glass, change more easily deformation color, and wearability is poor.
Pressing plate of film of facing of velar pressing plate is mixed crystal board is a little similar, different point depends on surface of velar pressing plate having certain model, because velar pressing plate is to use thinner PVC film, use machine pressing to squelch and be become on base material, can process all sorts of form, return the pattern that can make relief sculpture, at the same time velar pressing plate still has inferior light and Gao Guang burnish of two kinds of surfaces, the choice is more multiple. If be decorated in the home,be rural style, the proposal chooses velar pressing plate.
Modelling, design, color is alternative more, wearability is conspicuous, surface of not easy scratch. The most important is it need not sealing side processing, solved sealing side to may open glue and the problem that get water easily to erode. Often appear in furniture of type of rural, Europe.
Velar pressing plate holds high to import material board price more, because quality of homebred velar pressing plate is not excellent, bring about can choose to import a brand only, photograph comparing is other always kind the Bao Hou of mould pressing skin that plank price sees galley proof without the advantage, good meeting is a bit some thicker, hold can feel to have tenacity on the hand, is not the sense with clear hair. Delimit a few times back and forth gently in the surface with fingernail, fine three-dimensional film has tenacity, the surface after delimiting won't have apparent nick. The color that looks carefully at point of the turning on door plank front and edge is consistent, fine three-dimensional film won't appear color becomes shallow.
No matter be you choose which facing S, return ― to grasp the following: What sealing side of sealing side corner handles is bad, can affect exterior exterior and service life, good corner sealing side should be linked together cheek by jowl with plank, level off does not become warped edge. Quality is normally good furniture sealing side uses machine sealing side, level off and durable.
Later period maintains should notice to avoid to get sunshine for a long time point-blank, and do not suit to be used inside the environment such as high temperature, moisture. When use the attention avoids appearance of acuteness good thing and furniture of cuting article scratch, lest injury sticks face material. Professional clear lotion should be chosen when cleaning, avoid chooses the cleaner of acidity and attrition sex.
The editor leaves a message / board type furniture is face just is not looked at good-looking just must be chosen according to the environment of oneself and oneself economy capacity. The detail that sees furniture should look more when choosing, notice to issue environmental protection sex even.
The problem about respect of choose and buy of board type furniture if you still have what doubt to be able to call to seek advice to us. Phone: 96828 turn 3.

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