Stepmother with pesticide as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) coax three children drink 17 stepdaughter death

& shy;The original title: stepmother with pesticide as Chinese traditional medicine into three children drink & shy;Tragedy on April 29, fuyang city, three children with pesticide, was taken to a local hospital, including a 17-year-old girl died.Surprisingly, to feed three children with pesticide, is their stepmother.Stepmother before the crime with the child's biological father fighting because the family, the father ran away from home.After that, the stepmother brought three children back to their hometown, they drank pesticide.& shy;After an argument with three children home & shy;Light snow this year 19 years old, born in shenyang, liaoning province.Light snow's father and mother are in fuyang, in the early years to work in shenyang, and gave birth to two other daughters and a son.In January 2015, light snow's mother died because of illness.In September the same year, the father of light snow and fuyang woman Liu Moumou married in shenyang.In March 2016, two people gave birth to a child.& shy;According to light snow, father and Liu Moumou after marriage, relationship is not harmonious get along, two people often quarrel, and even fight.In the middle of April, and Liu Moumou fight again, the father of light snow, father was cut away from home."After his father ran away from home, I would have bought a train ticket from shenyang to fuyang, want to go home to see."On April 28, light snow told reporters, "in fuyang, the day I learned that Liu Moumou with my two sister and younger brother also back to fuyang."& shy;Poured out three glasses of pesticide watching children drink & shy;Dong dong is light snow two younger sister, this year 16 years old.Recall what happened after April 29 back to fuyang, dong dong still so scared.Liu Moumou say that before "to our mother's grave falling down, to take us back to his grave, lied to us back."Dong dong said, "after 29 morning to fuyang, she brought home we directly, and the three of us one locked in a room."& shy;After the three were locked in the room, Liu Moumou took out prepared before pesticide, pour into three plastic cup, let three children drink it.& shy;She said that this medicine can cure all ills, besides can cure toothache, drank to the body.Dong dong said, "my second sister beauty and drank a little bit later, feel unpleasant smells would not like to drink.Due to the small beauty before toothache, Liu Moumou said this is the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is smelly, looked at two elder sister to let her take a cup of medicine is finished."& shy;After the second sister drink, Liu Moumou watching let dong dong drink medicine again.Drank an one mouthful, "I feel very pungent taste, and hot throat, just spit it out."Dong dong said, "Liu Moumou see I spit it out, say the 'but', went to the younger brother's room, let him drink medicine."& shy;The age of 17, little beauty died & shy;No later, dong dong feel unwell.At that time, she received a phone call from a dusting of snow.After we received the ins and outs of things, light snow let dong dong hurriedly call the police.Then, dong dong played 120 emergency calls, three children was taken to fuyang city first people's hospital.& shy;The doctor treatment of three children.Unfortunately, because of drinking too much pesticide, 17 year-old little beauty, died.& shy;Yesterday, the reporter saw also in hospital emergency inpatient lie on the bed of the younger brother, he is 13 years old this year.Sister was spitting pesticide, dong dong also pick let him spit out some of the younger brother throat, two people just dodged a bullet."When was the younger brother was taken to hospital, lips was blue, delirious."Light snow said, "treatment for several days, the doctor said he still hasn't completely out of danger."& shy;The reporter understands from the local police Liu Moumou, now controlled by local police, she confessed to their actions.(the names are not his real name)

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