Global plastic cups, demand will grow 6% a year

Automobil plastic net news: the latest, according to a report from now until 2017, the global demand for plastic cups and plastic cover will increase at an annual rate of 5.9%.The global demand for all material cup and lid will rise 5% a year, to $25.9 billion by 2017.But at the same time, the market demand for plastic cups and plastic cover will increase 5.9%, to $13.9 billion, the United States the Cleveland FreedoniaGroupInc. The company released the called "the World Cup and lid market research" the report said.Demand for plastic material will be subject to drink a cup of growth, especially the large size cup of drink.Special driving factors include the growth of the lid, such as coffee spills to prevent leak proof cover.In terms of material, pp and PET will exceed the growth of polystyrene.The fastest growing countries will be in India and China, followed by Indonesia, Russia, Brazil and Mexico.Editor: XiaoPeng

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