Domain of push forward high end is structure of food machinery industry optimizes a key

In last few years, the market has homebred high-end food machine generally rate is inferior, homebred low end food machinery squeezes foreign competitor basically gave Chinese market. Current, market of high-end food machine basically is in the control of the enterprise that cross a state, besides the difference of systematic level, the weakness of crucial component domain also restricted the height of homebred food machinery.
Innovation is begged into, always contend for the first it is the Chinese's consistent spirit pursuit. Be in 925 during, food robot needs to seek a breakthrough in order to innovate, with innovation drive business next develop.
Innovation is the idea should innovate above all, do not think ideal innovation is very simple. Past of food machinery industry is seller's market, now is buyer's market. As the development of the market, seller's market is impossible that farewell comes. Food robot if thought the idea is changeless, changeless, in change in the center should getting used to present situation is impossible. Expert of specially invite of net of equipment of Chinese food machinery thinks, must look clear to show the development trend in the industry, should see the development train of thought of clear company future, want to be clear that how future develops.
The development direction of the industry, final meeting returns to reason, regression is substaintial, recursive character, recursive sex price is compared. Firm in low end domain of machinery of food of high end of market push forward, this is the direction that food machinery company optimizes product structure.
The personage inside course of study says, predict manufacturing industry of equipment of machinery of our country food is overall 2013 situation still austere, be full of a challenge. Our country high end makes domain research and development throw inadequacy, technical reserve is insufficient, do not follow to go up speed of domestic and international vicissitude of the market, affected the industrial structural adjustment of large company and development; In short supply problem stresses person with ability of the small and medium sized business inside the industry, weakness of strength of research and development and lack hi-tech worker army, already became the bottleneck that restricts development of manufacturing industry of our country equipment.
Be in in fact certain product domain, the product of our country own research and development has reached international level in function and functional respect, but be slightly worse in dependability and adaptability respect. This also is the one big bottleneck that development of future of industry of equipment of machinery of our country food should solve, ability makes homebred equipment has international market competition ability more.
Look at present, home market to low end the demand of food machinery will tend atrophic, whole demand also will reduce traditional facility. Turn into to basically be centered in mechanical exterior, structure stage by stage to the requirement of the product design, enlarge application domain, increase the respect such as dependability. Accordingly, company of domestic food machinery should shift focus, be in firm in low end the market while, side with move of equipment of high-end food machinery further, push the integral technology content of machinery of food of high end of high our country and technical level.
Altogether, food machinery industry should optimize product structure, want namely from which low end horizontal be born out of, it is exterior market the requirement of mechanical to the food of our country industry, also be the development apiration of industry of machinery of our country food at the same time, and industry of our country food from which low end the level is advanced to high-end level, need relies on the progress that produces equipment, the development that needs food machine makes support.

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