Zhonghuan Group to seek new breakthroughs in China machine tool accessories industry product structure

Zhonghuan Group to seek new breakthroughs in China machine tool accessories industry product structure

    Abstract: Hohhot Zhonghuan (Group) Co., Ltd. production and sales of leading products ranked first in the same industry at home and abroad, at home and abroad to establish a stable marketing network, with agents and distributors in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, with direct marketing agency in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Shenzhen and other places, joint sales network of member units throughout the country. The company is in constant innovation and development among the public focus ring to build for China machine tool accessories industry's first brand. The following detailed description of Zhonghuan Group.     Zhonghuan Group respectively in 2005, 2006 and 2007, respectively, the "10 anniversary Zhonghuan Group Inauguration Zhonghuan CNC equipment company set up a new double celebration," "Cutter library and automatic tool exchange device identification and the results of promotion activities "and" all the Central Group 'national export commodity inspection-free', 'well-known trademarks in Inner Mongolia' certification ceremony and press conference, "invited hundreds of companies at home and abroad and representatives of sales outlets to participate, which is the company's brand management and enhance the image has played a great role in promoting.    Endless innovation. Zhonghuan Group has a high level of technical R & D team, engaged in machine tool research and development of professional and technical personnel Annex hundred people, has a stable of highly skilled workers in the operation team, a more mature process flow. In 2005, the company built the nation's largest power chuck and cylinder production line, by the National Development and Reform Commission as a "major technology and equipment 2005 project." While it is identified as one of the top ten industrial base of CNC machine tool components. NC magazine identified a series of new products was in August 2006 by the Inner Mongolia Science and Technology Department organized and hosted, Chinese Academy of Engineering Machinery, China Machine Tool Industry Association, OEMs, universities, research institutes and other units of the expert group composed of experts , the leading domestic level, and in that year built the largest CNC magazine production line, all the Central Group has been listed as NC tool magazine and the China machine tool industry Association automatic exchange apparatus production base.        For a long time, all the Central Group adhere to the quality and credibility of survival, to be effective management, attention to product development and has achieved great development. It is because of strong product quality, reputable in domestic and foreign markets, so account for a large advantage in the market competition at home and abroad. Zhonghuan Group stable product quality, high performance and low cost, and has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers.        Now, all the material has a special ring chuck, vertical lathe chuck, chuck tilting indexing, precision adjustable chuck, power chuck grease, fixed vertical cylinder, taper shank chuck, leveraged train hub chuck as well as dozens of independent design special machine tools, special fixtures, composite clamps and dozens of proprietary and patented technologies. Companies hand and technology innovation, intellectual property protection on the one hand, adhere to intellectual property protection strategy through to the entire process from research to market, effectively promoted the harmonious development of enterprises. Meanwhile, the company attaches great importance to the introduction of technology digestion, absorption, and continue to improve innovation and the subsequent development capabilities.        Zhonghuan Group official said, Zhonghuan will seize the historic opportunity to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry to continue to develop new brand expansion Zhonghuan seek Chinese machine tool accessories industry breakthroughs product structure, to achieve the rapid development of all Central Group a new leap, will focus on Zhonghuan to build the first brand of Chinese machine tool accessories industry. 

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