The world's top machine tool accessories manufacturers to establish a representative office in Shanghai

The world's top machine tool accessories manufacturers to establish a representative office in Shanghai
  Spain McDonnell satisfied that the company is one of the world's top machine tool accessories manufacturers, products include driven tools, angle head, spindle speed increaser, multi-axis system, high-speed precision spindle and sliding head lathe Thread Whirling solutions and aviation, pharmaceutical, automotive, heavy industry to provide efficient processing of special solutions on the Swiss car driving head and Whirling system is a world leader! We accept customized non-standard products, our strong R & D and manufacturing capabilities, special processing requirements of customers to provide protection! As the world's leading manufacturer of high-efficiency machine tool accessories, more than 50 years we have been trying, innovative, high-quality, high efficiency, high precision machine tool accessories products for our customers, which greatly improves the efficiency of the machine, reliable and precision. Our products are widely used in aerospace, military defense, automotive, energy equipment, medical equipment, tooling, engineering machinery, and other fields! With China emerging countries to become the world's manufacturing and innovation, we have set up a representative office in Shanghai, we provide advanced products and services to customers in China!

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