April 2009 Japan Machine Tool Accessories output analysis

April 2009 Japan Machine Tool Accessories output analysis

     Japan Machine Tool Accessories Data Association (JMAA) provided, in the case of continued weakness in the Japanese machine tool industry, machine tool accessories sales volume up sharply, but the decline is still deepening. April 2009, the Japanese machine tool accessories output value 4.946 billion yen, down 12 percent from March 2009 of 5.622 billion yen, a decrease of 71% over March 2008, a decline of 2 percentage points to expand again. Machine tool accessories sales of 5.253 billion yen, down 10.3 percent from March 2009 of 5.859 billion yen, compared with March 2008 also fell 71%, a decline of 2 percentage points year on year to expand.     Starting in October 2008, the output value and sales of Japanese machine tool accessories began monthly decline, but the magnitude deeper. Machine tool accessories belonging to parts of the product, with respect to the machine tool industry, the impact of the financial crisis exists a certain lag, due to enter in 2009 after the Japanese machine tool orders fell has been more than 80%, although the presence of machine tool orders by signs of stabilization, but can be expected future demand for machine tool accessories months may continue to reduce production and sales will further show a downward direction. Below is January 2008 - April 2009 Japanese machine tool output value and sales statistics and accessory trends. At present, although production and sales continued to decline, but the rate of decline has slowed, with the basic machine tool industry bottomed out, machine tool accessories industry should soon reach the bottom, but it may take longer to bottom, pick up time is difficult to predict, the recovery time may longer than the machine tool industry itself. (Source: Chinese export of electromechanical Guide)

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