Cangzhou traditional machine tool accessories industry big technological fiery

Cangzhou traditional machine tool accessories industry big technological fiery
Published: November 19, 2012

     Machine Tool Accessories Cangzhou area of traditional industries, domestic production company, production, technological content of products in the past but generally not high. Since last year, affected by the global financial crisis, the low-end market is shrinking, "forced" to force enterprises to increase investment in technological reform.
  Cangzhou City, a set of data provided by the Science and Technology Bureau, the last three years, the output value of the high-tech area doubled in recent years: In 2006 700 million yuan in 2007, 1.52 billion yuan, 3.22 billion yuan in 2008, 2009 to June 33 has been completed billion. The district technology sector this year's work plan is still clear: full attract both inside and outside the province Universities, research institutes, scientific and technical personnel, enterprises to help develop new technologies with independent intellectual property rights, new products, new technology, support enterprises to introduce, transformation and application the latest scientific research and advanced technology to provide a strong impetus for the "five-year reconstruction of a new Cangzhou" goal.
  Currently, more than 80 Cangzhou on the scale of machine tool accessories production enterprises have technological innovation projects.
  German Machine Tool Accessories Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong Dezhou Qingyun, Cangzhou in Hebei Enzan next, machine tool accessories is also an important production base. More introduction of foreign advanced scientific and technological achievements, machine tool accessories located in the high-end market, even if the global financial crisis hit, relying on high-quality customer resources and strong scientific and technological strength long service accumulation is still steady development.

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