September 2009 Japan machine tool accessories industry sales analysis

September 2009 Japan machine tool accessories industry sales analysis
  Recently, the latest statistics Japan Machine Tool Accessories Association (JMAA) released data show that in September 2009, the Japanese machine tool accessories output value of 6.415 billion yen, compared with 5.007 billion yen in August increased by 28.1%, the output value of more than September 2008 fell 64 percent, a decline of 3 percentage points from last month narrowed. In September, machine tool accessories sales of 7.276 billion yen, compared with 5.647 billion yen in July increased by 28.8% over September 2008 sales fell 58 percent, a decline narrowed by 6 percentage points.

      From the beginning of October 2008, the output value and sales of Japanese machine tool accessories 10 consecutive months of year on year decline, began to gradually pick up in May after arriving lowest point. With the Japanese machine tool industry is gradually stabilizing, orders picked up, Japan's machine tool accessories industry will gradually pick up, demand will continue to increase. Currently, the Japanese machine tool orders stable upward trend, followed by machine tool accessories sales will stabilize, but still small fluctuations exist. Pictured September 2008 - September 2009 Japan Machine Tool Accessories output and sales statistics and trends. Source: Chinese export of electromechanical Directory

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