Machine Tool Accessories become a top priority the development of the machine tool industry in Tianjin

Machine Tool Accessories become a top priority the development of the machine tool industry in Tianjin
Published: November 2, 2015

  There are many types of machine tool accessories, including flexible organ-protective mask (Paper Tiger), stainless steel rails shielding, telescopic screw shielding, shutter shields, protective skirt curtains, dust off cloth, steel towline, engineering plastic towline, steel and aluminum towline, machine work lights, machine Sizing Block, JR-2 type rectangle metallic hose, DGT catheter protective kits, adjustable plastic cooling tube, vacuum tubes, ventilation tubes, explosion-proof tube, travel trough board, hit the block, scraping plates, chip conveyor, deflection device, platform \ flat granite and cast iron plate and a variety of operating parts. There are also bearings, chuck, precision machinery translational head, sucker, flat nose pliers, blade oil pump and so on.   Some experts expect demand growth in 2014 China machine tool accessories market will reach 16.1%, faster than the metal-cutting machine tools and forming machines. Machine in the main markets in China are industrial machinery and equipment, transportation equipment, primary metal products and electrical and electronic equipment. Wherein, due to industrial machinery it is widely used in various industrial fields, and thus become the largest market for machine tools. Since the explosion of China's automobile industry development, transportation equipment manufacturing in the past 10 years has been the second largest market of machine tools. Metal cutting machine tools is the largest product categories, three times the size of its metal forming machine tools.   Statistics show that the machine tool industry of metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, casting machinery, woodworking machines, the amount of cutting tools, abrasives, machine tool accessories (including rolling features), electrical machines (including numerical control system) composed of eight small industry, it is machine tools provide the foundation for the equipment industry in various fields of national economy, national defense and military modernization is urgently needed strategic industry, it is an important indicator of overall competitiveness. CNC machine tools are high-end manufacturing equipment, it is the country cultivate and develop strategic new industries an important area. Advanced machine tool manufacturing is an important part of high-end equipment manufacturing, so the industry can receive subsidies from the central and local governments in order to carry out research and development. Sales of high-end machines also benefit from the tariff policy to improve sales of local products.   Machine tool accessories machine tool industry is an integral part of the whole machine tool widely used in the industry, mainly for the expansion of the machining performance and use of accessory device. As the world's largest machine tool ownership countries, China's machine tool population reached 800 million units, more than 10 years of military age old tradition of machine tools accounted for about 50%. In the next 5--10 years, these machines are likely to form remanufactured potential resources sizable recycled. Many just need to replace the machine tool accessories, machine tool accessories, you can look.

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