Universal Machine Tool Accessory Group won first patented invention

Universal Machine Tool Accessory Group won first patented invention
Published: July 17, 2012

     Recently, Yantai Universal Machine Tool Accessory Group Co., Ltd. received the State Intellectual Property Office issued "a heavy-duty NC rotary table" invention patent certificate, which is the company's first successfully applied for patents.   "One kind of heavy-duty NC rotary table" patent is based on the company in 2010 to assume the task named "Great heavy-duty CNC rotary table key technology research and development and application of" high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, "science and technology major projects subject product the application of this technology can eliminate the use of dual-lead worm gear structure and static locking system structure gap, where the static locking system with hydraulic locking manner, in the outer circumference of the lower end of the table surface a plurality of evenly independent static locking system by injecting pressurized oil into the cylinder, brake tight sheet rely on the table to generate friction brake tight table, its brake tight intensity, turntable static rigidity. the uniform at the lower end of the worm wheel frame a plurality of dynamic vibration damping vibration system, eliminating vibration generated during cutting, while able to significantly improve its accompanying large CNC machine tools processing efficiency and accuracy, reduce manufacturing costs of parts. the product technology is currently in the leading domestic level, . according to the State Intellectual Property Office of Patent Examining procedure invention patents granted after a review of   the patented technology was awarded the invention patent, improve the company's core technology products market competitiveness, product technology industry has laid a solid foundation. (source: the Internet)

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