Voland machine tool accessories hot heat shields to push to get the new darling

Voland machine tool accessories hot heat shields to push to get the new darling 
Published: March 31, 2012
  Heat shield can effectively protect the screw, light bars, shafts, columns and other parts from dust loaded with special pollution and destruction, it is possible to do with the parts stretch or compress motion. As one of the essential accessory tools, protective cover production plays an increasingly important protection. Hebei Machine Tool Accessories Voland its early start, rapid development, good quality products of several major features excellent, renowned in the industry. Recently, machine tool accessories Voland turn heat shield to the tip, get a new favorite.   Machine tool products rich repeated the new annex   machine annex Limited Hebei Voland committed to the development, design, production and sale of industrial automation products, machine tool accessories, protective equipment production history of the earlier, professional and strong technical force, in the same industry one of the larger enterprises. Main products are series machine shields :( steel machine tool guide shield, flexible organ guard rails (Paper Tiger), telescopic screw shields, shutter-type shields, armor-type machine shields, protective screens and anti dust off cloth, spiral steel protective cover). :( Series towline plastic towline, steel towline, steel and aluminum towline, JR-2 rectangle metal hoses, DGT protective sleeve guide). Machine tool chip :( spiral chip conveyor, chip conveyor chain plate, magnetic chip conveyor, scraper type chip conveyor). Machine work lights Series: (JB series incandescent work lights, JY series waterproof fluorescent work lights, JL50F halogen bulbs work lights, JL50D halogen bulbs work lights, JL50C halogen bulbs work lights, JL50B halogen bulbs work lights, JL40A tungsten halogen bulbs work lights). :( Series machine horn machine adjustment horn, machine vibration horn, machine vibration horn). :( Hose hoses, hose connectors, waterproof cable connector). :( Adjustable plastic cooling tube condenser series, metal cooling). Operating parts series :( rail scraping board, hit the block slot board, hit the block, handwheel, corrugated hand wheel, back corrugated hand wheel, star handle, turn the handle, a small ripple hand wheel, adjustable handle bit tight set) .   Heat shield gold fears fire   heat shield is a shield, it can effectively protect the screw, light bars, shafts, columns and other parts from pollution and destruction of dust loaded with special, it is possible with the members do stretch or compression movement, use can be vertical or horizontal. Levels is recommended when using plastic or aluminum support ring, holding shield certain uniform distance between the cavity and the screw, prolong life. Stretching the length of time you can add a large metal ring at each compromise, to improve the stability of the shroud. Connection or fixed end is usually a metal flange, you can also choose cuff style. Screw shields by processing methods, while also taking into account the factors of different materials adapted to different process can be divided into two forms. A steel ring is supported screw shields, such shroud using a variety of fabric, has a hard bead support in high temperature 110 ℃, low temperature work between -40 ℃. Can effectively dust, water, oil, anti-emulsion and chemicals, this shield has a neat appearance, easy deformation characteristics, based on its tight, strong, and this can be used to cover a number of mechanical ventilation, dust and the like. This product not only in flexible materials can be selected, but also because it can be based on the specific requirements to determine the desired diameter and length. Another is sewing screw protective cover, protective cover screw is circular discs by stamping sewn into, within two adjacent sides, two outside stitched together by sewing can achieve better strong and stable shape in the horizontal direction. Material according to different working environments have several options.

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